Carlow University Receives Grant to Support Parenting Students

May 21, 2024
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Carlow University Receives Grant to Support Parenting Students
State Department of Education Grant of $150,000

Pittsburgh, Pa. – Carlow University is the recipient of a $150,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Shapiro Administration to be used to support undergraduate students who are parents.

“This grant will help us expand the services that we provide to our parenting undergraduate students,” said Carlow University President Kathy W. Humphrey, PhD. “Carlow University strives to make a lasting change in the lives of our students and their families, thereby reinforcing the two-generation model. It is our hope that parenting students who have received support to graduate will pass on the benefits of their education to their children, including a family’s determinants of health.”

Services will include:

  • Scholarship assistance to parenting students.
  • Meeting basic needs, such as help with transportation expenses and/or supplementing Carlow’s already robust food pantry with diapers, baby food, and formula.
  • Emergency funding to parenting students to alleviate obstacles that would impede their attendance and performance in school.

“Parenting students have multiple obstacles that prevent them from successfully completing their college degree,” said Kathleen Kelley, director of Mercy Service, who will administer the grant. “To address these challenges, this grant will help Carlow provide wrap-around services to reduce the most common academic, financial, and environmental barriers students face.”

Carlow will also provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to help them recognize policies, research, program models, and community collaboration that will support parenting students and their families.

Resources and support will be provided, with priority given to parenting students near the completion of their program and using measurable criteria.


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