Carlow University Launches New Website

For Immediate Release

Contact:  John Cardone
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
(407) 615-1828

Website’s Design is More Dynamic, Interactive, and Accessible

Pittsburgh, Pa. May 13, 2024 – Carlow University has launched its new website, a more dynamic, interactive, and ADA accessible experience.

“For institutions of higher education, the website is the front door to a university. It is where foundations, donors, corporations, and government entities as well as prospective students and parents gain their first impression of a college or university,” said John V. Cardone, Carlow University’s vice president of marketing and communications. “For our new design, we wanted to create a website that reflects how dynamic, creative, compassionate, and ethical Carlow faculty, staff, and especially our students are.”

This innovative design has been in the works for more than a year. Carlow’s marketing and communications department worked with Ronin Advertising to create a website that actively represents the university as a place where transformative education takes place to create leaders and advocates for those whose voices may otherwise not be heard in healthcare, the humanities, education, and business.

“Websites should never be thought of as a finished product. They should constantly evolve to maintain a fresh presence that speaks to prospective students,” said Cardone. “At the same time, it must be perceived as authentic to the mission and values of the organization that it represents. We believe that this site will always be true to Carlow’s Mercy values, as it continues to always evolve and puts our university’s best foot forward.”

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About Carlow University
Carlow is a private, co-educational, Catholic university that is located at the hub of Pittsburgh’s most cutting-edge industries. Founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1929, Carlow’s curricula and partnerships reflect its strong commitment to social justice; ethical, forward-thinking and responsible leadership; and impactful service to the community. At Carlow University we strive to create an experience that is not only life-changing, but world-changing. We are creating generations of ethical leaders, who not only have the skills to be pioneers in workforce development, healthcare, education, business, the arts, and service, but the empathy and spirit to create meaningful societal changes. Carlow University is a brand of education that does not exist anywhere else in higher education, but its impacts can change the course of our future. Rooted in unity and healing and led by compassion, we are redefining what a leader looks like —and it looks like a Carlow graduate.

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