Karen Miller is an assistant professor in the Physician Assistant Program. She has held clinical appointments in Urgent Care and Neurology. 


DPAS, Physician Assistant Studies, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

MS, Physician Assistant Studies, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

MAS, Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

BA, Mathematics and Secondary Education, Pace University, New York, NY

Presentations and Research Publications:

Gilbert HE, Miller KM, Rajasekaran, V, Barot NV, Castellano JF, Fong-Isariyawongse JS, Bagic A, Urban A. Interaction Between Cenobamate and Clobazam: A Single Center Clinical Experience. American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL. December 2021.

Miller KM, Hall B, Tobias JD. Sugammadex to reverse neuromuscular blockade in a child with a past history of cardiac transplantation. Ann Card Anaesth. 2017 Jul-Sep;20(3):376-378. 

Miller KM, Raman V, Winch P, Tobias JD. Perioperative Care of a Child With Williams Syndrome. J Med Cases. 2016; 7(10): 420-425. 

Barry N*, Miller KM*, Ryshen G, Uffman J, Taghon TA, Tobias JD. Etiology of postanesthetic and postsedation events on the inpatient ward:  data from a rapid response team at a tertiary care children’s hospital. Paediatr Anasth. 2016; 25(5): 504-511. *Denotes co-first authorship 

Miller KM, Ruda JM, Tobias JD. Perioperative care of an adolescent with platelet storage pool disorder. Pediatric Anesthesia and Critical Care Journal. 2015; 3(2): 140-144. 

Miller KM, Kim AY, Yaster M, Kudchadkar SR, White E, Fackler J, Monitto CL. Long-term tolerability of capnography and respiratory inductance plethysmography for respiratory monitoring in pediatric patients treated with patient-controlled analgesia. Paediatr Anaesth. 2015 Oct; 25(10): 1054-1059.

Miller KM, Barry N, Ryshen G, Uffman J, Taghon TA, Tobias JD. Data from a Rapid Response Team at a Tertiary Care Children’s Hospital. Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Annual Meeting, Col. Springs, CO. April 2015.

Yaster M, Miller KM, Kim AY, White E, Monitto CL, Kudchakar SR, Fackler J. Capnography Fails as a Continuous Respiratory Monitor in Pediatric Patients Treated with IVPCA Opioids. American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA. October 2014.

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