5 Things You Will Gain by Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing

What can you gain from a bachelor’s degree in creative writing? It is a fair question.

For aspiring writers, whether they want to be novelists, poets, or even digital content creators, the barriers to entry into the field have never been lower. Today, anybody can launch a blog or even self-publish a book with seeming ease and with no gatekeepers to edit or reject their work. To that end, many famous writers—though not all—have no formal education in creative writing.

But a bachelor’s degree in creative writing can offer multiple benefits to writers.

Here are five worth considering:

1. You will get immersed in your craft. A degree-based creative writing program, like the one offered through Pittsburgh’s Carlow University, offers a unique opportunity to dive headfirst into the craft of writing. That does not just mean writing a lot. It also means joining a community of writers with backgrounds, perspectives, and aspirations that differ from your own and who can expand your concept of what it means to be a writer.

2. You will get valuable feedback. Every writer needs feedback on their work. In a degree program, you will receive both faculty and peer feedback that can accelerate your growth as a writer.

3. You will write a lot. And read a lot, too. Class assignments will force you to write more than you would if you were left to your own muse. You will also be assigned a great deal of reading that will expose you to both new ideas and new voices. Together, the reading and writing will combine to form a strong foundation for your future work.

4. You will develop discipline. With your workload as a student, a degree-based creative writing program will demand that you write even when you do not feel like it. This is an important, yet often overlooked skill that must be developed, like a muscle. There is no better way to build the discipline required to be a successful working professional writer.

5. You will learn more than just writing. While a creative writing program can give you skills and habits you need to become an accomplished writer—including time management and organization skills—a degree can open doors to career options you may not have even considered. Many professionals in corporate communications, marketing and countless other fields have bachelor’s degrees in creative writing.

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