Competitive Esports: Life Skills for College and Beyond – The Top 5 

In the world of college athletics, only a select few student-athletes will be able to make a living in their sport of choice, however, the skills and experience that are gained by participating are bountiful. Esports are no exception. Here are esports’ top five life skills (plus an honorable mention) that can be gained when a student chooses Carlow University’s esports business management major. 

Competitive esports continue to grow in popularity at the high school and collegiate levels. Carlow University has leaned into this burgeoning demographic by launching the Esports Business Management Major and the inaugural co-ed varsity esports team in the Fall of 2023. 

With the addition of the major and the varsity team, Carlow looks to continue to shape our students for an evolving world. As a result, students embracing esports gain a multitude of valuable skills that are of particular benefit in the classroom and the workplace alike. 

1. Problem-solving: Esports games present players with challenges and obstacles that they must overcome to succeed. Problem solving skills are ubiquitous across life. Logic and reason are the basis of gaming, and gamers need to be able make snap-decisions effectively, on the fly, and in mass – which obviously translates to any classroom setting, workplace, and life in general. 

2. Strategic thinking: Competitive sports games require players to think strategically and make decisions quickly based on limited information. Developing strategic thinking skills can be useful to any college student especially in planning out their academic courses and achieving their education and degree. Having a plan is always better than flying by the seat of your pants – which is rarely an effective esports strategy. 

3. Time management: While competing, esports athletes are always fighting the clock as well as their opponents. The previous two points (picking a solution and working towards that goal) need effective time management to be executed. This translates to school and professional work through time optimizations and balancing responsibilities and competing goals.  

4. Adaptability: Esports can be unpredictable, just like life, and players need to be able to adapt to changing situations quickly. Developing adaptability skills through esports can help college students adjust to unexpected changes or setbacks. Again, when combined with the earlier skills,  

5. Communication: When one needs to adapt, effective communication is essential in esports, and beyond. Esports athletes are in constant communication during training and in matches. The plan may be set, agreed on, and worked on, but the strategy must have effective communication to be achieved.  

Honorable Mention: 

Teamwork: Many esports games are team-based, requiring players to work together and communicate effectively. This can help develop teamwork skills that are beneficial to college students and professionals when working on group projects or completing initiatives in the workplace.  

Participating in competitive esports can help develop a range of valuable skills that are beneficial to students. Carlow University looks to enhance and enable these soft like skills to produce holistic learners and doers. For mor information on the Esports Business Management Major or the varsity esports team, visit

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