Graduates urged to submit virtual commencement information by March 8

University Communication to Students

Dear Students,

Within the State and Pittsburgh area we continue to see cases of COVID-19 going down, remaining low on campus. However, vaccine shortages continue, largely exacerbated by last week’s bad weather, and thus recommendations remain to exercise prevention good practices consistent with our commitment to the common good. Ending this week, we head into that last full week before Spring Break. Therefore, we have the following important updates:

Commencement Special Notice – Attention Graduates!

Carlow University is producing a pre-recorded virtual commencement ceremony to be available for the public in late spring. Having your name read during the virtual commencement ceremony is one way that the University recognizes your achievements.

Our spring virtual commencement will celebrate students who graduated in December 2020 or who plan to graduate in May or August 2021.

If you would like to have your name read and be recognized as part of this celebration, please complete the RSVP no later than Monday, March 8.

Note: We cannot accept submittals after that date. So please act now and spread the word.

Travel with Caution

As a reminder, Pennsylvania travel restrictions remain in place. Additionally, the CDC recommendations state that all individuals should interact with caution among people who do not live with them. College students are encouraged to be regarded, and regard themselves, as guests and unknowingly potential spreaders of the virus. Thus, if traveling home, the CDC recommends you always continue to wear a mask, properly social distance, wash your hands frequently, and clean surfaces before and after use. View the CDC Travel Guidelines.

Testing Strategy Updates

In response to CDC, State, and Allegheny County Health Department recommendations, the university is updating Re-entry and Resiliency Plan protocols to include testing. All residential and student athletes will be expected to complete a testing series when they return in January. This initiative will complement the November surveillance testing and residential student testing after Thanksgiving Break. Through these efforts we hope to continue the positive outcomes your efforts have been demonstrating and keep the campus safe.

Carlow’s New Intranet: Isadora

Isadora Intranet is the central hub for internal communications and information about Carlow University. Students are encouraged to visit our intranet at least once a day for the latest news, events, and postings. There you will find quick links to Carlow’s internal platforms, such as CelticOnline (Schoology), Web Advisor, Care Report, CAA Appointments, Grace Library, and Handshake. Also, announcements about Carlow University and its events are housed there.

You can log in through our external website at and click the ‘Login’ button at the top right – or bookmark it after visiting Home ( We encourage you to take one minute and watch the tutorial about how to access Isadora (

Vaccine Will Be Available

The University is providing vaccine clinics as the vaccine becomes available for those meeting grouping qualifications. However, at present the supply has been reduced and thus we are only able to obtain vaccines in short supply. All those originally identified in our 1A group have been vaccinated, the majority receiving two (2) doses. We will be running 1B clinics when we are permitted to do so with the overall goal to vaccinate all individuals wishing to receive the vaccine.


Commitment to the Common Good 

Our collective commitment to the common good remains critical. When on campus, all must wear masks, properly social distance [six (6) feet or more], wash hands regularly, and clean common surfaces before and after use. For safety, masks are to be form fitting, tight to the face, and allow talking without exposing your nose or chin. You may review the CDC revised information here. Mask effectiveness can be enhanced with two (2) masks and those not fitting the above criteria should be replaced.  

Be Wary of Misinformation About COVID-19

Experts are finding an immense body of inaccurate information regarding the pandemic and COVID-19 virus, which can be deadly if we are not critical of what information we consume about it. Misinformation spreads easily on the internet because social media platforms are incentivized to promote eye-catching emotional content over the facts. To see firsthand how easy it is to manipulate these algorithms with false and misleading information, check out the game “Go Viral” from the information experts at the University of Cambridge. It’s a fun and short game, check it out!

Thank you for your commitment to keeping our community safe and healthy.


Timothy P. Phillips, Ph.D.

Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students

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