Ongoing surveillance testing focused on residential, athletic students

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Dear Carlow Community,

We are encouraged by Governor Tom Wolf’s March 1 announcement that COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and positivity rates are decreasing across the state. And we applaud the recent FDA approval of a third vaccine, Johnson & Johnson’s, in the fight against this global pandemic.

Yet it is critical that we remain vigilant and committed to the common good – cognizant that this virus remains an enormous public health risk, and we each have a part in mitigating the spread. Below are several important updates and reminders.

Keep Yourself and Others Safe: The CDC continues to emphasize the necessity of wearing a face mask; social distancing of at least six feet; and good personal handwashing hygiene – even after receiving a vaccine.

Importance of a Daily Self-Check: All faculty, staff, and students are required to create an online account and daily complete the COVID-19 Self-Checker Tool via Mediterranean Wellness, a web-based application. If you are not yet registered, visit our COVID-19 website page for complete instructions. You will receive daily self-checker email prompts within 24 hours of completing your registration.

Vaccine update on students/staff: Given that vaccine availability has been limited, we do not currently have additional vaccine clinics for those qualifying in the state’s 1A grouping. We are hopeful that the new vaccine, along with increased manufacture and distribution, will improve access.

COVID-19 Sick Time: Carlow will allow up to a maximum of 80 hours (10 days) additional paid sick time, if applicable, for COVID-19 situations. Examples of COVID-19-related situations include: COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test; required quarantine due to exposure or travel; and reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine. Employees should notify HR if they need to utilize these days or have questions about utilizing them in a remote work environment.

Visitors on campus: There are currently no in‐person, public events held on campus. Exceptions include faculty‐invited speakers and guests of the Admissions Office and President’s Office. For detailed information, visit Isadora Intranet and navigate to “Campus Services” – then “Event Resources.” Read the “Events and Visitors Instructions.”

Student COVID-19 testing: Most students who’ve returned for on-campus classes and all residence hall students and University athletes have been COVID-19 tested, with ongoing surveillance testing focused primarily on residential and athletic students.

As we begin to venture outside as the spring season emerges, remember to stay healthy, be well, and take all the appropriate precautions.


The COVID-19 Re-Entry and Resiliency Implementation Team

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