Multiple Healthcare Pathways Available at Carlow University

Learn More About the Multiple Healthcare Pathways Available at Carlow University

Carlow University’s healthcare degree programs help you learn how to become a good leader, provide you with the experience you need for your career, and teach you the skills needed to provide the best in patient care. 

Carlow has an outstanding reputation for producing outstanding nurses who combine top-notch skills with compassion, ethics, and empathy. That same standard applies to all of the university’s academic programs for healthcare careers. Carlow offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in healthcare.

Associate Degree

Neurodiagnostic Technology – Neurodiagnostic technicians are valuable members of the healthcare team who understand fundamental concepts in neuroscience, operate neurodiagnostic equipment in accordance with industry standards, obtain appropriate recordings, interpret and evaluate various neurodiagnostic tests in laboratory and clinical settings, and explain these measurements, techniques and results to other healthcare team members.

Surgical Technology – Surgical technologists plan a critical role in every surgical procedure. Through this program, which Carlow offers in partnership with UPMC, students will learn, from beginning to end, over 30 different surgical procedures, including heart and vascular surgery and orthopedic surgery. 

Bachelor’s Degree

Behavioral Science: IONM – IONM stands for intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring.  With this degree, students learn how to keep patients’ nervous systems safe during surgery. A surgical neurophysiologist records the electrical activity of neurons in real time to protect the functioning of the nervous system during delicate and complex surgeries in adults and children.

Biology Major: Cardiovascular Perfusion – Cardiovascular perfusionists operate the heart-lung bypass machine during surgery. The heart-lung machine oxygenates and circulates the blood during surgical procedures where the heart must be stopped. You will work towards a biology degree at Carlow while gaining your clinical experience at UPMC Shadyside.

Health Sciences – At Carlow, health sciences majors are prepared to enter one of four graduate degree programs – Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, or Speech-Language Pathology.

Healthcare Data Analytics – Not every career in healthcare involves direct patient care.  With healthcare data analytics, students will study healthcare finance, legal aspects of electronic records, topics in clinical research and population health and will graduate with the ability to respond to the changing informational needs of patients, providers, and educators, along with an awareness of the technologies and equipment used in the field.

Healthcare Management – Students in the healthcare management major learn the educational and business background necessary to pursue a career in a variety of healthcare settings and disciplines. In this program, students will learn about finance, services, and data analytics as they apply to the healthcare arena.

Public Health — Whether helping to solve a global pandemic or promoting health justice in health justice, a degree in public health is designed to equip you with the essential healthcare, business, and leadership skills necessary to enter the public health workforce.

Respiratory Therapy – Respiratory therapists help treat asthma, emphysema, and cystic fibrosis among other disorders and health conditions. Students will receive academic and clinical training to master the skills needed to help patients with cardiopulmonary disorders.

Master’s Degrees

Carlow offers a number of master’s degrees in both direct patient care and the business side of healthcare. Students will need to earn a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field to pursue a graduate degree.

MBA in Healthcare Management – With coursework in business writing and healthcare project management along with the financial side of healthcare, this degree prepares you to positively impact healthcare from the business side of the field.

Master of Science – Carlow offers five master’s programs in the following fields: Cardiovascular Perfusion, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Speech-Language Pathology.  

Doctoral Program

Doctoral candidates must earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in appropriate fields to pursue a doctoral degree. Carlow offers healthcare doctoral programs in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are not a degree but provide a specified set of skills-based training that applies to a particular field. Carlow offers the following healthcare certificate program:

Quality Control and Assurance – Carlow’s quality control and assurance certificate is designed to equip students with a better understanding of how quality control and assurance applies to the health sector and pharmaceutical industry. Students in this certificate program will learn how quality assurance applies to healthcare, supply chain management, and financial processes and risk.

When you graduate from Carlow University, you will have the skills that healthcare employers value most.

Carlow University has healthcare degree programs that will help you develop the skills you need to be a healthcare professional.  You can learn more about these programs by going online here or by calling the Admissions Department at (412) 578-6059.

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