Carlow professor to bring expertise to military

After more than 10 years of wearing Hawaiian shirts to class on Fridays, Carlow chemistry and physics professor Bill Kowallis soon will be putting on a different kind of uniform – that of a U.S. Army officer.

Carlow Police Department Welcomes K-9 Officer

The Police at Carlow University recently added anew member to their team. Welcome K-9 Officer Duke! This officer comes to Carlow from Indiana, Pennsylvania, and is a four-month-old German Shepard. … Continued

Mercy Leaders Reflection: St. Brigid

Today we traveled from Naas, where we spent the night, to Kildare. Kildare was a very cute, small town with lots of flowers. The weather was perfect, cool and sunny, … Continued

McDarby Institute Reflection: Irish at Heart

Dublin in the 19th century. Image source: From an early age I have been drawn to “everything Irish”–from the music, to the spiritual aspect of the country, as well … Continued

Mercy Leaders Reflection: Western Coast

Throughout the past week, we’ve ventured from the eastern coasts of Ireland to the western coasts, stopping at a few places along the way. Experiencing so much along the way, … Continued

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