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8 essential Carlow careers to help you fill Pittsburgh’s worker deficit

Is it possible that Pittsburgh’s population could be unable to fulfill its needs in the job market? According to a recent report by the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, a worker shortage is on the horizon. By 2025, Pittsburgh will have lost more workers, due to retirement and relocation, than it will have gained.

The Pittsburgh market is expected to offer 1.28 million job openings in the coming decade. Specific areas expected to experience growth are healthcare practitioners, healthcare support, and computer and mathematics.

Among other implications, the predicted shortage implies that certain industries will have an urgent need for trained workers, including the industries of healthcare and healthcare practitioners. Carlow offers many degrees in these industries.

If you like living in one of the nation’s “most livable” cities, here are 10 Carlow degrees you can pursue to prepare you for the future of Pittsburgh’s new economy.

Healthcare Support

1. Accounting

Businesses, both new and traditional, require careful bookkeeping. Undergraduate programs in accounting at Carlow include an major and a minor in accounting. Majors can choose an accelerated path to an MBA or an MS in Fraud and Forensics. Graduates are prepared to sit for the certified public accountant (CPA) exam.

Master’s programs are available in business administration and forensic accounting that can be done completely online.

2. Human Resource Management and Technology

Human resources professionals will need to be able to understand new information systems, to harness and manipulate vast amounts of data, and to apply leadership expertise with compassion. Carlow students can major or minor in human resource management and technology and can choose an accelerated path to an MBA or an MS in Fraud and Forensics.

A minor is available in information technology management.

3. Management in Health Services

Healthcare administrators need special training. A major in Management in Health Services at Carlow will be prepared to apply business acumen in the health care market, in positions that range from healthcare advocacy groups and physicians’ offices to major hospitals and insurance companies.

A Health Coach minor is available to students who want to guide clientele on care. The Department of Nursing offers a dual degree program leading to a Master of Science in Nursing and a Master of Business Administration.

Healthcare Practitioners

4. Nursing

Nurses increasingly require at least a bachelor’s degree in order to advance their careers. Carlow’s Department of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Nursing (BSN), as well as an RN to BSN program that can be done completely online.

Graduate degrees are available at the master’s and doctoral levels, including a low-residency Doctor of Nursing Practice program.

5. Respiratory Care

Respiratory care therapy is a growing profession of practitioners who treat patients with a range of cardiopulmonary issues, such as asthma and emphysema. Carlow offers a traditional bachelor degree program as well as an online completion program for students currently in respiratory therapy careers.

6. Biology

Carlow houses state-of-the-art laboratories on campus where students can gain a solid foundation for careers in healthcare, medicine, and research. In addition to offering a major and minor in biology, Carlow’s Department of Biology is a gem in Pittsburgh, offering specializations such as Human Biology and Perfusion Technology.

7. Social Work

Helping people is central to the social worker’s calling, which is why this major fits right in at a university founded by the Sisters of Mercy. Students can earn a Bachelor of Social Work at Carlow and may choose a specialization in behavioral health service coordination or crisis and trauma.

A minor is also available in behavioral health service coordination.

8. Psychology (all levels)

Carlow offers a range of programs in psychology, from the bachelor to the doctoral level. Majors can choose to specialize in counseling, crisis and trauma, or human development. Psychology students are prepared for jobs in health care, social services, research and more.

Carlow offers certification in School Counseling and an online program in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. Graduate students can earn an MS in Professional Counseling or earn the terminal degree, the PsyD.

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