Carlow University to Host The Heinz Endowments’ 2019 Youth Philanthropy Summer Internship

Carlow University’s Social Justice Institutes will host The Heinz Endowments’ 2019 Youth Philanthropy Summer Internship, a paid internship program for high school students graduating this year.

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Summer Internship Program for High School Seniors Motivated by Service, Current Events and Community Affairs

Pittsburgh, Pa. –Carlow University will host The Heinz Endowments’ 2019 Youth Philanthropy Summer Internship, a paid internship program for high school students graduating this year, who will work to develop a youth philanthropy project, culminating in recommendations for grant awards to local nonprofits working to serve their communities.

“The interns selected for this program will research issues affecting local neighborhoods, identify service priorities, develop funding guidelines, and recommend the organizations to be funded,” said Ryan Scott, the executive director of Carlow’s Social Justices Institutes, who will oversee the program.

The Youth Philanthropy Summer Internship will run from mid-June until early August, depending on dates for final high school calendars and commencement ceremonies.  Before beginning the program, the interns will also receive an overview of The Heinz Endowments’ approach to philanthropy and areas of giving, and learn about the important role nonprofit organizations play in improving society.

“The ideal students for the program are students who are likely to pursue higher education and are motivated by service, current events, and community affairs to work as paid summer interns,” said Scott.

On its website, The Heinz Endowments describes the ideal candidates as possessing “strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with culturally diverse people,” as well as demonstrating solid analytical, problem-solving, time-management, and organizational skills.  Candidates need to work well as part of a team, and have a deep interest in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods and the issues facing its residents.

“The Heinz Endowments’ Youth Philanthropy Summer Internship program has a decade-long history of cultivating and sharpening the leadership skills of some of our most promising young people,” said Stanley W. Thompson, The Endowments’ Senior Program Director for Education. “We are both excited about and grateful for this partnership with Carlow University.”

To apply, interested students need to submit basic information, including a resume or list of educational, extracurricular and leadership experiences, a personal essay and a letter of recommendation by Friday, March 29, 2019.  The application can be found online at:

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Carlow is a private, co-educational, Catholic university located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s “Eds, Meds, and Tech” district. Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, Carlow’s graduates, curricula, and partnerships reflect its strong commitment to social justice; ethical, forward-thinking and responsible leadership; and service to the community that has a meaningful impact. Undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered in four colleges: Health and Wellness, Leadership and Social Change, Learning and Innovation, and Professional Studies. Carlow graduates are in demand for their professional expertise, in fields ranging from nursing, the sciences, and perfusion technology to counseling, education, and forensic accounting; their entrepreneurial spirit and creative mindset; and their ability to manage change.  Carlow’s 13 athletic teams are known as the Celtics, a reflection of the university’s Irish heritage and roots.

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The Heinz Endowments, one of the nation’s leading private foundations, aims to create more just communities, and model solutions to major national and global challenges. The Endowments focuses on advancing a sustainable future for our community and planet, successful learning outcomes for young people and their families, and a culture of engaged creativity for all.

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