Carlow University Rated Fifth Safest Campus In Pennsylvania by Niche.Com

Carlow University’s Oakland campus has been rated the fifth safest campus in Pennsylvania by

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Web Site Considers Campus and Local Crime Statistics, Other Factors, to Determine Campus Safety

Pittsburgh, Pa. – The web site has ranked Carlow University’s Oakland campus the fifth safest college campus in Pennsylvania.

According to the web site, “the rankings provide a comprehensive assessment of the health and safety of a college campus.  This grade takes into account key factors such as campus crime rate, local crime rate, and student reviews in an attempt to measure the overall state of campus safety.”

“We are committed to ensuring the safety of our students, faculty, and staff,” said Carlow’s Police Chief Sean Johnson, of his 13 person department.  “Our officers work hard to provide a safe and secure environment for all members of our community, and also seek to enforce the laws and university regulations with dignity, respect, fairness, and compassion.”

Carlow’s urban campus can provide challenges that colleges situated in rural settings don’t face, but, whether urban or rural, the goal is the same for every college or university police force: provide a safe and secure environment where teaching, learning, and research can take place. Chief Johnson added that his department maintains logs of all incidents on campus – in accordance with national law and reporting standards – and those statistics are posted on the Carlow web site., which was founded by Carnegie Mellon University students as in 2002, considers more than just campus and local crime rate statistics when compiling their rankings.  Factors such as the freshman retention rate, graduation rate, and alcohol-related and drug-related arrests on campus also play into determining their campus safety rankings.  The statistics uses are obtained from the U.S. Department of Education, as self-reported by the colleges, and represent the most recent data available.

To view the list of complete college campus safety rankings, please visit

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