Carlow University Ranked Among Top 6% Nationally for Employment Outcomes

Carlow ranked 69th out of 1224 colleges in the nation for employment outcomes by Educate To Career.

A recent survey of more than 1,200 colleges ranks CarlowUniversity 69th in the nation in terms of helping its studentsimprove their earnings and attain quality employment aftergraduation. Carlow is one of seven schools in Pennsylvania, and theonly regional institution, listed in the top 100.

Educate To Career (ETC) compiled their College Rankings Indexbyanalyzing which universities with more than 1,000 students did thebest job of helping their students to improve their earnings andattain quality employment after graduation.  

“For 85 years, Carlow has been at the forefront of preparingcareer-ready leaders, and providing students access to an educationthat they might not have otherwise,” said Suzanne Mellon, PhD,President of Carlow University. 

“The University’s ranking in thetop 6 percent of institutions in the nation sends a strong messageabout the economic value of investing in a degree from Carlow. Itis also a testament to the dedication of our faculty and staff toensure the University’s commitment to provide our students with atransformational education.”

For its rankings, ETC — a nonprofit organization based inCalifornia that provides outcome-focused college-planning tools forhigh school students and their parents — considered the academicprofile of students when they enter college, the total costsrelated to attendance, and their success upon entering the labormarket and measured each school’s ability to improve theemployability and earnings power of their students.
ETC compiled information from 55 sources of government agencydata including school, major, occupation, salary, percentage ofgraduates employed within their field of study, number of years tograduation, net tuition, and loan default rates.

The full ETC College Ranking Index can be found at ranking methodology is available here.

Carlow University’s ETC ranking comes on the heels of similaraccolades: last fall, Carlow was listed in the top 20 privatecolleges and the top 100 overall in
Washington Monthly‘sranking of more than 1,500 colleges that provide the “best bang forthe buck.” Carlow was the only private college in Pennsylvanialisted in the top 20 and one of only three institutions fromPennsylvania among the top 100. Additional information about theWashington Monthly ranking is available here.

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