Verification is a review process where the university determines the accuracy of various data elements that you reported on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid  (FAFSA)  Each year, about a third of FAFSA filers are selected by the U.S. Department of Education for this review. Schools are also authorized to initiate verification if there is conflicting information on the FAFSA. Being selected for verification does not indicate that you have done anything wrong - some people are selected at random. For more information about verification and what happens after you file the FAFSA, review the FAFSA's Next Steps.

If you are selected for verification, you will be notified on your Student Aid Report (SAR). Additionally, Carlow's Office of Financial Aid will contact you via Carlow email if you were selected for verification and will let you know which documents are needed to complete your file.  You should submit the documents as soon as possible upon receiving the request so that your financial aid can be finalized in a timely manner.  Federal student aid will not be disbursed to your student account until verification is completed.  

In general, students selected for verification must submit the Verification Worksheet which can be found on our forms page at   Also, signed copies of applicable year federal income tax returns or tax return transcripts are required from student, and spouse if married, and parent(s) if dependent.  If the student and/or parent used the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when filing the FAFSA then copies of tax returns or tax return transcripts are not required for verification, unless taxes were amended in which case a signed copy of the 1040X must be submitted. 

If corrections to your FAFSA are necessary as a result of verification, the Financial Aid Office will submit the corrections to the Federal Student Aid Processor and you will be notified via email by the federal processor that a correction was processed.  If your financial aid changed as a result of verification, you will be notified via Carlow email to review your revised award letter on WebAdvisor.