Minor in Art History

You can explore your interest in humanity’s creative history with a minor in Art History from Carlow University. In this program, you will gain an entry-level understanding of the elements of art and design, as well as an overview of Western art history. 

You will create art while becoming acquainted with both the theory and practice of art and understanding art in context, learn how to critically engage with artwork and further develop your appreciation of art.

Art history curriculum

A minimum of 18 credits is required, 9 of which must be taken at Carlow.

Required courses inlcude:

  • Introduction to Art/Visual Culture I and 2
  • Women and Art
  • 3 additional art history courses

Minor in labor and working class studies 

The Labor and Working Class Studies minor is an interdisciplinary 18-credit minor which combines history and human resource management. It prepares students to become reflective practitioners and compassionate leaders in a wide range of careers.

You will gain an understanding of working class dynamics, including unions, culture and politics, and the administrative and ethical issues involved in labor relations and other business decisions. 

Working class studies curriculum 

The minor requires a minimum of 18 credits, which include 12 credits of electives from History and Business Management.

Required Courses

  • Introduction to United States Labor History
  • Labor Relations
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