Students required to submit vaccination status; encouraged to apply for higher ed emergency relief funds

University Communication to Students

Dear Students,

Allegheny County remained in the high-risk category this week due to the number of positive COVID-19 cases, with an average of over 200 daily. Details may be found by clicking here. Therefore, your actions in commitment to the common good remain critically important for overall campus health and safety.

New this week there are several important updates regarding Carlow University efforts to manage the start to the academic year within the COVID-19 environment.

Submit Vaccination Status Information – ACTION REQUIRED!

Earlier this summer we asked students to complete a survey indicating their vaccination status. The response rate was unsatisfactory, statistically insignificant, and thus requires additional action so that we can understand the vaccination rate in the Carlow community. Therefore, Carlow University is requiring students to report their vaccination status. We need each of you to use this link to submit your information – no later than September 1. All information will be gathered in aggregate form to guide University policy, prevention, and mitigation decisions. Please understand we will be following up with every student to confirm compliance, and failure to do so may result in conduct review.

American Relief Plan Distribution – ACTION REQUIRED!

The University is beginning the process of distributing Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III funds, received under the American Relief Plan, directly to students. All students are eligible and will receive a base distribution. Those demonstrating additional financial need will receive a supplemental distribution also.

What we need you to do:

To receive a distribution, students need to complete the confirmation form by September 12. The form can be found here.

Masking Required Indoors on Campus

Given that Allegheny County remains in the high-risk category, Carlow University requires all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, to wear properly fitting masks indoors at all times. Students are expected to supply their own properly fitting masks. However, should you find yourself without a mask on a given day, you may obtain a disposable mask at the Carlow University Campus Police Center in France Warde Hall, 3rd floor. Enter under the purple awning.

Update on Testing for those Unvaccinated

The CDC and Allegheny County Health Department have recommended weekly testing for those college students who are unvaccinated. Carlow University is empowering each student to make the vaccination decision that is best for them. Those unable or choosing not to be vaccinated carry a greater risk to themselves and the community for contraction and spread of the COVID-19 virus. We expect that all students will act with concern and regard for the campus community. We further expect unvaccinated students to seek reasonable means to ensure they have not contracted, or are carrying, the COVID-19 virus.

Carlow is implementing weekly testing for unvaccinated residential students and student athletes. We will expand testing in mid-September once we confirm the vaccination status of all students. Weekly testing as outlined by the University for those unvaccinated is required of any student who is coming to campus, and we expect that you will investigate reasonable options for doing so. Those unable to find reasonable solutions may contact Health Services for guidance. The link to submit negative testing results is here.

We recognize that free testing has become more difficult to locate. We are working to arrange reasonable testing mechanisms that are cost effective in the event that you are unable to identify such mechanisms on your own. We expect each student to take responsibility for submitting their vaccination status, monitoring their individual health, and remaining off campus if they have symptoms or reason to believe they have been exposed to, or contracted, the COVID-19 virus. Please contact Health Services at 412-578-6474 or if you have questions, need access to testing, or would like to discuss this further.

Do you Need Help? Submit a Care Report

With the beginning of each semester, students occasionally struggle with affordability, academic adjustments, and connecting to the community. If you become concerned about yourself or others, please submit a report and let the Care Team know about any needs, questions, or concerns. We will make contact with you, or those you refer, to help. You may also contact the Student Affairs office at 412-578-6293 or .

Thank you for your commitment to the common good and for working with the University to ensure the safety of the campus community.


Timothy P. Phillips, Ph.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

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