Students encouraged to treat COVID-like symptoms with caution

University Communication to Students 

Dear Students,

Allegheny County Health Department is reporting COVID-19 cases have plateaued, and we are no longer seeing a drop. With the presence of pandemic variants in the County, ACHD is advocating vigilance in using prevention measures to combat spread. Being mindful, the following is important this week:

New This Week:

Prevention Measures Remain Important

While we are seeing reports of States relaxing guidelines, including in Pennsylvania, the messaging from the CDC and ACHD is clear: we need to continue preventative measures.

Therefore, please continue your commitment to the common good: mask wearing on campus, proper social distancing, frequent handwashing, and cleaning common surfaces. Reports indicate the best way to combat variants from developing is to keep contractions down.

Treat Symptoms with Caution

It is important that if you are having any symptoms within the COVID-19 scope to respond as if they are COVID-19 related until you have determined otherwise through a physician. As we move into the cold and flu season, we will begin to experience normal illnesses as in years past. Please exercise an abundance of caution and hold in place at the onset of any symptoms, for both you and the community.

Testing Recommended

All residential students and student athletes returning to campus have been tested, with positivity rates remaining below 1%. Those who return to campus at any time during the end of the Spring semester for on-ground classes are encouraged to test upon your return. Testing will be available weekly (with dates being added) in the Frances Warde Hall Campus Assembly Room. Testing is for asymptomatic surveillance testing only. Those experiencing any symptoms should remain in place and contact Health Services (by phone: +1 (412) 578-6474) or your Primary Care Provider. Sign up for testing.

Fall Registration

Registration for Summer 2021 is already available and Fall registration will begin on March 22. Please take time to schedule a meeting with your advisor to review your course of study. Full information, including helpful videos, are available on Registrar’s site in Isadora. To gain access, log in from the Carlow University home page.

Tutoring and Coaching

The CAA is tutoring and coaching with live online appointments or through email for writing. Students can meet with a tutor for writing, course content or with an academic coach through our scheduling system’s synchronous web feature. Check out the options and make an appointment or call +1 (412) 578-6146, email:


Counseling Services Available

During the pandemic, Counseling Services is fully accessible via a telehealth model. Learn more about counseling services.

Accommodations for Temporary Disability Related to COVID or for Chronic Disability

REMINDER: Students currently enrolled in the DSO must request accommodations for EACH semester. They can make a Semester Request in Accommodate as soon as they have completed the registration for classes starting Monday, March 22nd.

Students not currently enrolled in the DSO requesting accommodation should complete a confidential request form. Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis and include an interactive conversation with the student to determine qualification for the accommodation. Approved accommodations will be relayed to faculty electronically.


Importance of a Daily Self-Check: All faculty, staff, and students are required to create an online account and daily complete the COVID-19 Self-Checker Tool via Mediterranean Wellness, a web-based application. If you are not yet registered, visit our COVID-19 website page for complete instructions. You will receive daily self-checker email prompts within 24 hours of completing your registration.

Update Contact Information

Each year, and semester, students are asked to review and update contact information in the event the University needs to mail important information or contact you by phone. If you contact information has changed, a form is available on the portal for students to update contact information. View the Form to Update Contact Information (login required).

Take Care of Each Other

Please take care to look out for each other as the semester progresses. High stress, long hours, and final projects can take a toll on mental health any year, let alone in this year of the pandemic. If you become concerned about yourself or others, please submit a report and let the Care team know about needs, questions, or concerns.** We will make contact with you to extend help.

Be well and stay safe,

Timothy P. Phillips, Ph.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students

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