Resident Assistants (RAs) help with daily functions of day-to-day life on campus. See below for contact information. 

RA NameEmailYear & Area of study
Sarah Belbacksebelback@live.carlow.eduSenior Health Management Major
Matthew Cannonmdcannon@live.carlow.eduSenior Accounting/Forensic Accounting Major
Julia Draperjrdraper@live.carlow.eduJunior Psychology Major
Brooke Gallagherbegallagher@live.carlow.eduJunior Nursing Major
Tavia Henderson-Gunntahenderson-gunn@live.carlow.eduSophomore Biology Major
Jillian Kurtajekurta@live.carlow.eduSenior Political Science Major
Angelica Orozcoajorozco@live.carlow.eduJunior Nursing Major
Abigail Pooleagpoole@live.carlow.eduJunior Nursing Major
Michaela Prymapry@live.carlow.eduJunior Nursing Major
Cameron Shortcjshort@live.carlow.eduSenior Biology Major
Emma Wilsonelwilson@live.carlow.eduSenior Respiratory Care Major
Lexie Youngljyoung@live.carlow.eduSenior Accounting/Forensic Accounting Major
Resident assistants wearing masks hold big signs welcoming new students on Move In Day.
First year mentors from left, Cheyenne Matthews, Aylissa Koskey and Bailey Rohmgreet incoming students from the Hospitality Garden at Carlow University, Thursday, August 20, 2020. (Rebecca Droke/Carlow University)
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