Clinical Practicum Experiences

Students will complete several on-campus clinical practicum experiences and a minimum of two off-campus externships. 

Speech-Language Pathology Clinic
Students will rotate in the on-campus clinic for 3-4 semesters providing diagnostic and intervention services to individuals across the life-span with communication disorders. Students will train individually and within a team of peers under close faculty mentorship.

Campus Early Learning Center & Laboratory School
Students will complete three 5-week on-campus school-based clinical rotations across one semester in the Early Learning Center, Pre-K Program, and K-8 Laboratory School. Students will train to prevent, assess, and treat communication disorders within an interprofessional team of teachers and reading specialists.

Literacy Clinic
Students will complete a 6-8 week on-campus summer literacy clinic serving children in the local community. Students will collaborate with an interprofessional team of educators to experience hands-on clinical experience with planning, preventing, assessing, and treating pediatric language and literacy disorders.

Off-Campus Externships

Students will work with the Director of Clinical Education to arrange externship placements. A minimum of two externship placements are required. Students in their final semester will have the opportunity to complete out-of-state externships.

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Application Process

As of July 15, 2020, Carlow University is accepting applications for review with plans to enroll graduate students for the Fall 2021 semester. All applications should be submitted on or before February 15, 2021 through CSDCAS, a centralized application service endorsed by the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Science and Disorders (CAPCSD). No additional application materials should be sent to the program.