This page was last updated 08/10/2020

Note: Carlow University’s decisions are based on CDC, national, state and local guidance for colleges and universities.

Question: When are students permitted to move into residential housing?

Answer: New students will be assigned a move-in date of Wednesday, August 19, or Thursday, August 20. Returning students will be assigned a move-in date of Friday, August 21, Saturday, August 22, or Sunday, August 23. Students who are moving in early for special circumstances, such as athletes, should consult their program or event supervisor for their move-in date.   

All students, including those with fully online classes, are permitted to move into the residence halls.

Question: Can families help students move in? Are there any restrictions?

Answer: Residents will be permitted to have up to two family members assist them with move-in. Residents and their arrival day guests must submit to a health screening, and residents must submit or have previously submitted all required health forms. Additionally, residents will be required to complete a Safety Plan document that outlines their emergency contact information and their plans for departing campus if affected by COVID-19.   

Question: How many students will be permitted to live in the dorms?

Answer: Fall occupancy will be limited to 75% capacity. At this time, the University is not moving to single rooms in the residence halls.

Question: Will lounges be open in the residence halls?

Answer: To mitigate the spread of coronavirus, the lounges in residence halls will be closed.

Question: How are residence halls being cleaned? What is the protocol?

Answer: Refer to the “Facilities” section for information on the University’s cleaning protocols.

Question: Are residential students restricted to stay on campus?

Answer: No. However, the Allegheny County Health Department has asked all universities to strongly discourage students from attending large social gatherings. Carlow University strongly encourages all students to limit their outside movement to essential needs to limit the risk of exposure.

Question: If classes are offered fully in person for the second semester, could a student secure a dorm room for the second semester if he/she did not stay in the dorms during the first semester?

Answer: Yes, although the University cannot guarantee availability.

Question: If a student changes his/her mind and decides not to live on campus in the fall, how does her/she make this change?

Answer: Contact the Director of Residence Life and Financial Aid.

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