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Recognizing that we are dependent on each other for our health and well-being, Carlow University embraces the Common Good. This is rooted in our core value of the Sacredness of Creation, which espouses a deep respect for all people and all creation.

These guidelines are applicable to Carlow University’s main campus in Oakland and its satellite sites in Cranberry Township and Greensburg.

Question: What steps is the University taking to educate students, faculty and staff about mitigating and preventing the spread of COVID-19?

Answer: Students, faculty and staff receive regular updates on all announcements from the CDC, the state of Pennsylvania and the Allegheny County Health Department. Additionally, prior to the fall 2020 return to campus they were all required to complete virtual training on the following topics: things to consider before deciding to come to campus, suggested protocol to minimize the probability of passing on or contracting COVID-19, and proper protocols that safeguard the University community. Visit the “Videos & Resources” area of our website for details:\_videos\_resources.aspx

Question: What is the role of hand washing if one comes to campus?

Answer: Now more than ever, handwashing, in addition to wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing, is essential to keeping our community safe.

Question: What type of personal protection equipment (PPE) is required if on campus?

Answer: All students, faculty and staff are required to wear clean masks with secure straps in all public settings on campus. Masks can be purchased or homemade and can be disposable or reusable.

Additionally, contractors, vendors and service providers are required to wear a mask and disposable gloves without holes or tears while on University property.

Question: Are there any other type of protective measures in place on campus?

Answer: Yes. Plexiglass shields are in place in areas such as the dining halls and student hub, where transactions take place in spacing of less than six feet.

Question: Is masking strictly enforced on campus?

Answer: Yes. University personnel will be enforcing all safety-related policies, and all members of the Carlow community are expected to hold one another accountable.

Question: What if I am unable to wear a mask due to a health condition or disability?

Answer: These individuals should ensure that they are frequently washing their hands and exercising proper social distancing. Additionally, students should notify the Disabilities Services Office, and employees should contact the Human Resources Office with this information.

Question: In what places should I engage in social distancing while on campus?

Answer: All students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to engage in safe social distancing of at least six feet in all areas of campus, where possible. Visit the Facilities section of the website for specific information about the physical spaces on campus.

Question: Do I need to wear gloves for any reason?

Answer: In addition to contractors, vendors and service providers, employees who encounter high-touch surfaces and areas throughout campus must wear gloves without holes or tears. Examples include residence halls, common areas throughout campus and classrooms.

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