This page was last updated 07/29/2020

Question: Will Student Affairs continue to have formal events on campus in the fall?

Answer: Yes. However, due to CDC, state, and Allegheny County health guidelines, events will be limited to Carlow University faculty, staff and students. These group gatherings will be limited to 25 or fewer people inside and no more than 50 people outside. Physical distancing will be required, and screenings may be a part of event entry. Additionally, events will also occur virtually and be hosted by different student groups.

Question: Given that campus activities will be limited, will the University be refunding the student activity fee?

Answer: The student activity fee is collected and provided in full to the Student Government Association (SGA) for distribution to clubs and organizations for purposes of funding their activities. However, we recognize that COVID-19 directives may limit social events and gatherings and could possibly affect what clubs and organizations are able to accomplish. Student Affairs will be working with the SGA to review, evaluate and make recommendations regarding a semester/annual credit for fees. This will be communicated at a later date.

Question: Are there restrictions on attending Carlow athletic teams’ events?

Answer: Athletic events will be held with limited fan access, and the livestreaming of events will occur. Visit the “Resources” section on our website for the University’s policies on: COVID-19; Personal Protection Equipment; and Visitor Guidelines.

Question: Are alumni or special Carlow events taking place in the fall?

Answer: There are currently no on-campus alumni events scheduled.

Question: Will masking be required at campus events?

Answer: Students, faculty, staff and visitors are all required to wear masks while on campus or attending events.

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