This page was last updated 09/05/2020

Question: Has the fall semester begun at the University?

Answer: Yes. The fall semester began on August 24 and is following the academic calendar. Classes are being offered via three delivery methods: on-campus (which can be a combination of on-campus and off-site locations for clinical rotations or student teaching; hybrid (a combination of on-campus classes and online meetings; or online (all content is delivered online with no face-to-face deliveries.) All classes have live instructors.

The general breakdown is: 70% of Carlow’s courses are being offered online, and 30% are being offered in a hybrid format (a mix of on-site and online.)

Question: Could you give me a sampling of what these types of course deliveries look like?

Answer: Some classes have a staggered class schedule. For example, faculty may stagger classes by offering both face-to-face instruction and remote technology-aided instruction. Faculty may teach in a location and delivery lectures via video conferences. Faculty may alternate student attendance in class to every other week with supplemented instruction in the off weeks. Classes may be offered in large rooms on campus. Simulation labs may be staggered between morning and afternoon shifts. And some classes may be limited to a designated number of students.

Every fall course has specific instructions for the modality, days, times and expectations of synchronous (real time) and asynchronous (not real time) course delivery.

Nursing clinicals for the fall are continuing as originally scheduled.

Question: Given this shift in course deliveries, will all students receive the required number of learning hours for their courses?

Answer: Yes. Regardless of the delivery method, the credit hours for on-site, hybrid and online course deliveries will adhere to the federal standard of 45 total learning hours for every 1 credit (15 hours of instruction with 30 hours of out-of-class academic engagement.)

Question: What is the status of University, technology, health and wellness, and student activity fees?

Answer: These fees remain in place regardless of the modality in which one’s classes are offered. Students should speak with their departmental chair, director or dean if they have questions about course-specific fees.

Question: How can I find out how classes are being delivered?

Answer: Students can find detailed information about their course modalities by utilizing Web Advisor. Watch this video to understand how to access and read your course schedule.

Question: Do professors still have office hours?

Answer: Yes. For the most part, they are virtual.

Question: Are there classroom size guidelines in place?

Answer: Yes. Utilizing social distancing CDC guidelines, some classes have restricted the size of the class or relocated the class to a large space within the University. Additionally, rooms have been set up for six-feet distancing.

Question: If a student taking on-campus classes in the fall contracts COVID-19 mid-semester, can the student shift all classes into a hybrid or online delivery until he/she is able to return to campus?

Answer: Carlow University has done extensive preparation for remote learning materials and modalities for fall courses. If a student contracts COVID-19, the University is prepared to adapt the modality in conversation with the faculty and college deans to accommodate the student’s needs.

Question: As a parent, I’m not comfortable with my child attending on-campus classes. What are our options?

Answer: Students can make schedule choices based upon the modality of the course being offered, and all modalities can be accessed through WebAdvisor. Refer to the Health and Safety Guidelines section of our website for additional details on campus safety.

Question: Some universities are not returning to campus after the Thanksgiving break. Will Carlow students be returning to campus after this break?

Answer: Some classes will become virtual after Thanksgiving break. Residence halls are expected to remain open unless a federal, state, local agency, or other CDC changes prevent the residential halls from being open. The fall semester will end as currently scheduled on December 14. If there is a change to this schedule, students will be notified via email and through this Q&A section of the University’s website.

Question: Will the University prorate room and board for residence hall students who decide to move off campus after Thanksgiving?

Answer: No.

Question: How will the University communicate with students and parents about changes in the academic calendar?

Answer: Any changes will be communicated via the Carlow University website, the intranet and email.

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