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Upskill your way, one course at a time through Carlow’s credit and noncredit opportunities. Courses in areas like data analytics, 21st century digital literacy, project management, etc. are available in online, face-to-face, and hybrid formats.

Leadership Theory & Practice

This course is designed to provide knowledge of leadership theories, challenge students to apply these principles to real life scenarios, and better prepare students to be good leaders and followers in their careers. 

Instructor - Joe Dicianno, PhD

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Introduction to Data Analytics Using Tableau

This hybrid course will cover fundamental principles of data analysis, visualization, human cognitive resources and information processing abilities.

Instructor - Natalie Toomey, PhD

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Digital Literacy

This course leads the learner through the maze of computers by distilling the information to the basics. By learning the basic concepts, rather than specific applications, the student is prepared to adapt to innovations in the ever-changing world of electronics.

Instructor - Caroline Silver, M.Ed.

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Ethical Decision Making-Theory & Practice

This course offers an opportunity to learn the history, terminology, and forms of reasoning that underlie the practice of ethical conduct. This comprehensive approach to the theory and practice of ethical conduct is designed to raise your level of awareness of the moral dilemmas of your chosen field of practice, and of the society as a whole. 

Instructor - William Schweers, J.D.

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