Howard Slaughter, Outcomes

Check the stats - Carlow graduates get jobs

"Outcome" is word you'll hear used at universities -- it's a term that encompasses all the many different things that students do after graduation. This usually means a job, but not always. Some undergrads go on to graduate school, join the armed forces, or even join a volunteer organization like the Peace Corps. 

Every year, Carlow University's Office of Career Development publishes what's called an Outcomes Report -- a broad summary of what Carlow students did after they graduated. You can read last year's report on an online PDF, but here are some highlights:

The outcomes rate for job-seekers was 97%

That means 97% of our graduates across all of Carlow's offerings (from undergrads to doctoral candidates) found gainful employment right after graduation. The average yearly salary? A little more than $55,000, with some making more than $185,000. The average yearly salary just for undergraduates was $54,000. Not bad.

Our graduates found jobs in a high diversity of fields  

About 35% of our grads went into the medical field, but that doesn't tell the whole story. Our students started (or continued!) careers in biotechnology, accounting, education, and public administration, just to name a few. And those are just the folks who earned their bachelor's degrees.

It's not just about how much they make but where they make it

Carlow grads are in high demand. Just look at the places they go -- companies like UPMC and Highmark, and organizations like the YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh and the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry. Want more? Check out this list