McDarby Institute Reflection: Irish at Heart

Dublin in the 19th century. Image source:

From an early age I have been drawn to “everything Irish”–from the music, to the spiritual aspect of the country, as well as the sights and sounds. Although most of those experiences have been through books or movies (I am from America after all!), the longing has grown over the years. My family heritage is 100% Italian, and my parents never understood why I wanted to be Irish! My mother, who was born in Italy, was fair of skin and had brilliant blue eyes, so maybe that had something to do with my that desire. (My mom was a great lady.)

I have so longed to take this spiritualjourney to “Catherine’s Dublin.” The opportunity through our Carlow University McDarby Institute is making my dream a reality in just a few short days.

As a member of the McDarby Institute, I have been given the opportunity to learn about our wonderful Catherine McAuley and her Sisters of Mercy who “pilgrimaged” to my home country and brought a wealth of knowledge, love, and mercy.

I long to close my eyes, open my heart, and be greeted by the sights, sounds, and spirit of Catherine’s Dublin. To deeply breathe it all into my being! It is my desire to be open to offer service to my fellow travelers in what they may require from me, receive the graces as they come to us, and return in kind what I have received from the spirit of experiencing Catherine’s Dublin.

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