Course Requirements: 36.00 total credits

Core Requirements - 27 credits

PRC-701 Human Growth and Lifespan Development

PRC-702 Social & Cultural Foundations for Counselors

PYM-701 Personality and Symptomology 

PYM-702 Applications of Cognitive and Behavioral Treatment

(or PYM-705 Applications of Existential and Psychodynamic Treatment)

PYM-700 Introduction to Positive Psychology

PYM-704 Psychology Practicum I with Ethics (2 credits)

PYM-706 Research Methods and Foundational Statistics 

PYM-707 Psychology Practicum II with Theory Integration (2 credits)

PYM-708 Tests and Measures

PYM-709 Capstone Research Project (2 credts)

Take at least 9 credits of electives from three separate concentrations


Forensic Psychology

PYM-720 Foundations of Forensic Psychology

PYM-721 Systems of Criminal Justice

PYM-722 Psychology of Deviance

Educational Psychology

PYM-730 Foundations of Educational Psychology

PYM-731 Systems of Educational Practice

PYM-732 Thinking, Motivation, & Creativity

Assessment Psychology

PYM-760 Foundations of Neuropsychology

PYM-740 Trauma Assessment and Intervention

PYM-750 Clinical Assessment of Children

Exploration Psychology

Any combination of 2 electives from Professional Counseling (MSPC) or MAP Programs (with Adviser guidance), plus one Foundations elective (PYM-720 or PYM-730)