SPED-474 : Positive Behavior Supports (7-12)

Academic Level:
Special Education
Special Education

This course is intended to provide teachers with an understanding of the etiology and conditions of student behavior and equip them with strategies so that they may manage classroom behavior effectively. The techniques of Applied Behavioral Analysis will be introduced. Identification of students at risk, including children with emotional, social, and behavioral disorders and the development of effective intervention strategies will be covered. A variety of methods for data collection and the analysis of the information generated by these methods are included in the course. Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA) and the development of the Behavior Improvement Plan (BIP) will be explored so that a beginning teacher is prepared with numerous options to use when dealing with problem behaviors in a positive and proactive manner. 3 credits PREREQUISITES: SPED 230, SPED 332, AND SPED 336.