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Competency Based Education is a learning model that measures learning through a demonstration of mastery rather than seat time. Students progress through a course by completing assessments that require them to demonstrate mastery of each competency, enabling quicker completion than traditional programs.

Colleges, K-12 schools, and companies are increasingly seeking instructional designers who can improve learning across environments—in-person, online, and blended. Carlow University’s 100 percent online CBE graduate certificate program will provide you with the hands-on experience you’ll need to succeed—equipping you to design, develop, and implement instructional tools, programs, and materials.


  • Four online courses
  • 12 credits
  • Unique, competitively-priced program: $4,995 tuition*
  • No GRE or GMAT required

Carlow’s new CBE Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching will position you for success. In just four online courses you’ll gain real-world training from e-learning experts that will prepare you for careers in teaching or in industry. Careers like these:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Instructional Consultant, Content Designer, or Technologist + Interface and Multimedia Designer
  • IT and Computer Training Manager
  • Learning Coordinator
  • Learning Services Manager
  • Learning Systems Analyst
  • Learning Technologist 


Great new opportunities await you with a Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching from Carlow University. To enroll or get answers to your questions, please contact Admissions at 412.578.6059 or by email at

*note: additional fees may apply


IDT 720 - Introduction to Instructional Design is designed allow students to demonstrate their ability to develop and design online content. The course will address the primary concepts and structures of effective online instruction. The online teacher will learn to be cognizant of the diversity of student academic needs and will incorporate accommodations into the online learning environment.
IDT 730 - Online Teaching and Facilitation. The student will examine the roles of the online teacher/facilitator and the learner and determine the best way to structure an online learning experience that meets the needs of the learner. You will analyze different methods of online communication and plan a communication strategy that helps build a sense of connection and community in the online learning environment.
IDT 740 - Assessment & Evaluation of Online Learning. The students will gain an understanding of the design and implementation of appropriate assessment techniques for online learning. In addition, students will learn assessment principles and apply them in order to ensure academic integrity, validity, and reliability. Students will critically analyze key educational theories which contribute to the field of online learning assessment.
IDT 750 - Capstone, Technology Application. The students will focus on the implementation of technologies and approaches for online learning with a focus on implementation and change management. The practical application of implementation processes and strategies will allow the learner to understand and identify effective approaches to the implementation of learning technologies.