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A Great Way to Upgrade Your Professional Credentials!  

At Carlow, we've always believed in giving you options -- and so we're excited about our special graduate certificate program.  It's a quick way to get valuable expertise in high-demand areas (like project management), and prepare for professional certification. 

Take a few graduate courses in an area of specialization for a flat tuition price of $4,995 (and your employer will probably pay for it).  It's high-quality up-skilling, and a great way to advance your professional skills.

Choose from the following special graduate certificate programs:

Project Management - New accelerated format, finish in 24 weeks! 

  • MBA 734:  Intro to Project Management
    or MBA 797:  Healthcare Project Management: focus on healthcare-related projects
  • MBA 735:  Project Management Body of Knowledge: develop expertise; simulated projects
  • MBA 761:  Project Management Capstone Experience; real-world project in a professional management setting
    Next Steps: Professional Project Management Certifications prep or entry to the MBA

Alcohol & Drug Counseling

  • SPED 772 Positive Behavior Supports Prek-8 OR SPED 774, Positive Behavior Supports 7-12
  • SPED 760 Communication and Technologies in Special Education
  • SPED 778 Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • SPED 788 Applied Issues in Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Next Steps: a Master's in Special Education, or Curriculum & Instruction
  • ED 722 Professional Development and Supervision
  • ED 720 Planning and Administering EC Programs
  • ED 745 Supervising Programs in Early Childhood
  • ED 753 Internship in EC Supervision
    Next Steps: a Master's in Curriculum & Instruction
Online Teaching
  • IDT 720 Introduction to Instructional Design
  • IDT 730 Online Teaching and Facilitation
  • IDT 740 Assessment and Evaluation
  • IDT 750 Technology Application
    Next Steps: a Master's in Curriculum & Instruction 

STEM Teaching

Cyber Threat Research & Analytics

  • MFF 730: Cybercrime
  • MFF 741: Cyber Analysis on the Dark Web
  • MFF 743: Advanced Cyber Analysis and Targeting on the Dark Web (2 day onsite Residency)
     Next Steps: Entry to the Master's in Fraud and Forensics or MBA

Fraud and Forensics

  • MFF 710: Intro to Fraud
  • MFF 711: White Collar Crime; the psychology of the fraudster; why someone commits fraud
  • MFF 713: Prevention & Ethics; ways to be pro-active in preventing fraud; ethical standards of a fraud examiner
  • MFF 723: Financial Statement Examination; investigation of financial fraud
    Next Steps: Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Prep or entry to the Master's in Fraud and Forensics or MBA

Healthcare Management

  • MBA 797:  Healthcare Project Management: focus on healthcare-related projects
  • NU 711:  Healthcare Innovation and Quality: 
  • NU 727:  Fiscal Management
    Next Steps: Entry to the MBA or the joint MBA/MSN degree

Human Resources

  • MBA 777:  Strategic Human Resource Management; planning; recruiting; compensation; employee relations; budgeting
  • MBA 778:  Employment Law; collective bargaining; discrimination; statutes; regulations
  • MBA 779:  Capstone Experience – Human Resource Management: complex case study; prep for HRCI Certification
    Next Steps: Human Resource Certification Institute Certifications prep or entry to the MBA
These graduate certificates are an excellent way for new and seasoned clinicians to build the foundations for competencies in trauma and substance abuse counseling. The completion of the courses results in graduate credits that can either be transferred into a full educational program or account for required CEUs -- Travis Schermer, MSPC Director

Want to keep going for the full master's degree?  Your certificate's credits will count toward your necessary credit hours for an MEdMBA, MFF (Master's in Fraud and Forensics), or MSPC (Master of Science in Professional Counseling)-and your certificate in Fraud/Forensics can count towards either an MBA or MFF!