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With Carlow Today now in full operation, we’re adding to the toolbox for sharing campus information!

Many of you visit myPortal for announcements, information and links to services. Over the next 18 months, you’ll be seeing these features move away from myPortal and into new, better-placed solutions. There are many steps to the “sunsetting” of myPortal and here is the first of many…

Internal announcements/updates. Effective October 1, internal operational updates will utilize the built-in capability of CelticOnline’s Update feature. You can post messages to groups such as “All Employees”, “Students”, particular courses, or other groups to which you belong on CelticOnline. Some global groups such as All Employees and Students are moderated. Updates posted to moderated groups will be released after assurance that they are reasonable for the population.

When Updates are posted, you will receive an e-mail notification and, if you have the mobile app on your phone, you’ll be notified to your mobile app also. By default, you’ll receive e-mail alerts but you can change your notification settings in CelticOnline.

Yes, your messaging can be included on both this Carlow Today enewsletter and CelticOnline!(Marketing will watch CelticOnline updates to include in CarlowToday).

Over the coming weeks, watch for instructions on posting to CelticOnline …

Until then, visit and download the app (smartphone store = Schoology)!

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