A semester or year abroad is an exciting opportunity!  The Financial Aid Office is happy to assist you as you make plans to study in another country. We recommend that you prepare early so that everything is in place before you depart.

Institutional financial aid, including academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, no-need discounts, need-based Carlow Grant, and most restricted and endowed scholarships, are not available for study abroad with the exception of those students enrolled in the PCHE Rome Program, ISEP or the Carlow Ireland program (fall/spring). 

You must enroll at least half-time and your coursework must be approved for credit by Carlow University in order to use your federal and state financial aid for study abroad.  In addition to the Federal Direct Student Loan, if available, the parents of dependent students may utilize the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Program for study abroad expenses and graduate students may utilize the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan.  Information about PLUS is available at www.studentaid.gov.

You are also encouraged to seek private scholarships and grants. In addition, most lenders offer private (non-federal) alternative loans that can be used for study abroad. These loans require a credit-worthy co-signor. Information about the private loans used most frequently by Carlow students can be found at www.elmselect.com although you are not limited to these loan options.

In order to complete the financial aid process for study abroad, you must submit the following to the Financial Aid Office:

  • A completed and signed Consortium Agreement (Needed only if you are utilizing Federal aid.) 
  • A copy of your Study Abroad acceptance letter with verification that credits earned abroad are approved for credit toward your degree from Carlow University.
  • Your program cost broken down by tuition, fees, room and board, books and supplies. Include estimates of round trip airfare and any other miscellaneous expenses you may incur.
  • Verification of any outside scholarships you may receive.
  • Specific start and end dates of your enrollment period abroad.
  • The name, address, email, fax and phone number of contact person at the sponsoring institution.
  • Your contact information while abroad.

If you will be applying for financial aid for the following school year, keep in mind that you are  responsible for meeting the deadlines, even though the deadline may occur while you are away. Be sure to make the necessary arrangements with your family concerning the completion of your Free Application forFederal Student Aid (FAFSA) and any other financial aid documents that may be requested.

At least two weeks prior to your departure date, contact the Financial Aid Office to make sure everything is in order with regard to your financial aid. You may contact us at finaid@carlow.edu or 412.578.6389 with any questions or concerns.