Farm Truck Foods to Hold Farmer’s Market at Carlow University Every Tuesday at Noon

Farm Truck Foods will hold a farmer’s market every Tuesday at Noon in Carlow University’s University Commons.

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Two of Farm Truck Foods’ Three Founders Earned Their MBAs at Carlow

Pittsburgh, Pa. – The farm is a little closer to Carlow University thanks to Farm Truck Foods and Carlow’s Healthy Campus 2020 Coalition.

Every Tuesday starting January 19, Farm Truck Foods will be operating a farmer’s market on the first floor of Carlow University’s University Commons from noon until 1:30 p.m.

Farm Truck Foods, which was founded by Michelle Lagree-Pendel, Meredith Neel-Jurinko, and Landon DePaulo, will sell fresh produce, dairy, frozen meats, bread, grains, eggs, some specialty food items, and a few grab-and-go items as well. Most of the food is from local farms and is organic. Both Lagree-Pendel and Neel-Jurinko earned their master’s in business administration from Carlow.

The idea to have the farmer’s market on campus originated with the Healthy Campus 2020 Coalition at Carlow, a campus organization dedicated to emphasizing healthy living for students, faculty, and staff.

“This is a great opportunity for our resident students to purchase healthy foods to keep in their rooms for snacks or to prepare a meal,” said Mary Frances Reidell, RN, MSN, director of Health Services at Carlow, and a member of the Healthy Campus 2020 Coalition.  “It will also be helpful for students who live off campus in Oakland, and do not have a grocery store within easy walking distance. Finally, it will be a great opportunity for staff and faculty to shop for these food items while here at work, and save a trip to the grocery store on their way home.”

Farm Truck Foods, which opened for business in 2015, brings fresh, local produce to various communities in the region at an affordable price. Their mission is to motivate, encourage, and empower the people they reach to place nutritious foods on their tables and counter tops so that they can live happy, healthy lives. Farm Truck Foods is also committed to forming partnerships with customers, small business owners, farmers, communities, and the City of Pittsburgh to meet the needs of the community.

### Editor’s Note:  Carlow University welcomes the news media to cover the farmer’s market opening on Tuesday, January 19.  Please contact Drew Wilson on his cell phone at (412) 260-6807 to arrange convenient, free parking.

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