Being a Carlow Online Student/Online Learning at Carlow

Online courses are a great way for individuals to receive a university education. The online courses designed at Carlow University will offer the same content and rigor as the face-to-face offerings on campus. 

If you are new to online learning, don't worry! For some in your class, it will be their first online course too. Carlow has resources to help you thrive in the online learning environment.  

Carlow University has been delivering education online for many years. Using the latest technologies, we develop courses for individuals who need this method of education delivery. Our online students are taught through our learning management system, and complete weekly assignments, readings, discussions, and occasional group work, as well as exams and other activities designed to enhance learning outcomes, all at times that are most convenient to you. Being an online student provides you an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds. This helps you to experience many perspectives and concepts throughout your studies. We make use of the latest communication technologies such as chat, video conferencing, phone calls, email, social media, bulletin boards, and more. This enables you to stay connected with fellow students and faculty, building personal networks along the way.

CDLI (Center for Digital Learning and Innovation)

Our Center for Digital Learning and Innovation assists with instructional design, learning technologies, multimedia, accessibility, and copyright needs. Learn more here.

Online Programs at Carlow University

Carlow University offers a wide range of programs and majors available online, as a hybrid or both. You can see more here

Helpful Information about Online Learning

Technological requirements, what to do when you have questions and more!

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