Disable the Label on Homelessness

Help the Carlow University Disabilities Service Office (DSO) gather donations for the men and women at the Wood Street Commons shelter.

FACT: In a single night in January 2014, 578,424 people were experiencing homelessness.

Some of the top reasons there is homelessness are physical and mental health disabilities.

Our goal is to fill 40 backpacks( we have currently received enough items to fill 10 backpacks, please help us meet out goal) with:

•Shaving Cream
•Shower Shoes
•Gift Cards: Giant Eagle; Walmart; CVS; Target
•Hand and feet warmers
•Feminine care products
•Instant coffee
•Tea bags
•Non-perishable snacks

October 25-November11, 2016: Donation Boxes are available in each Campus Building. Look for the green or purple polka dotted boxes. Large donations can be delivered to the Campus Mail Room. Gift Cards can be delivered to the DSO 4th floor UC

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