Bachelor of science in data analytics

Your future in big data is promising

With coursework in big data, data mining, and data visualization, Carlow’s data analytics undergraduate degree program will equip you with the critical thinking, analytical, and business skills you need to become a successful data analyst. At Carlow, build your analytical foundation with courses in mathematics, statistics and computer programming. Using data curated from Google, Microsoft and other big data sources, learn to interpret data in ways that effectively drive an organization’s decisions and growth. 

Why a bachelor of science degree in data analytics?

  • Learn data analytics applications, including SQL, Power BI, Python, and R.
  • Develop real-world data analysis experience through credit-bearing internships.
  • Gain critical soft skills like data storytelling and interpersonal communication.

What will you do with a degree in data analytics?

With almost every type of organization capturing data, Data Analysts are in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 27% increase in data analytics employment by 2026. Leveraging data has become part of almost every organization’s strategic plan. 

Pursue a career as a market analyst, market researcher, information technology specialist or a statistician in a variety of fields like business, non-profit, finance, government and information technology.

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Courses are taught by experts in the data analytics field.

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