nurses in simulation lab

The Celtic Simulation Center for Innovative Learning 

The Celtic Simulation Center for Innovative Learning (CSCIL) is a simulated hospital environment that is designed for student experiential learning. Students actively participate in predetermined scenarios to practice procedures and decision-making in a safe and realistic environment.  The mission of CSCIL is to provide students with culturally-competent, evidence-based experiential learning. We are committed to delivering learner-focused, service-oriented educational programs.

By designing and implementing simulation education, we can fully incorporate state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to emphasize development of:

  • Patient Assessment
  • Team Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Patient Safety
  • Reflection
  • Resource Management
  • Situation Awareness/Prioritization
  • Therapeutic Interventions 

Technology featured in the lab includes a variety of high-fidelity patient simulators, touch screen interactive monitors, telehealth nursing (the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies in health care and health-related education - a critical component in today's health care industry), realistic medication delivery systems, and digital patient records to insure that the students experience is as authentic as possible.


Best practices for simulation and improved patient outcomes are greatly enhanced through the simulations at the CSCIL. - Danielle Curran DNP, MSN, RN 

Celtic Simulation Center for Innovative Learning Team

From left to right: William Ferchak, Technical Specialist; Dr. Danielle Curran, Director; Dr. Angela Kelly, Assistant Professor


 New for 2019, An Upgraded Experience

Renovations are complete on our new, two-floor CSCIL space! Check out the photos below, and remember: you can always schedule a tour to see it in person!

Features of the CSCIL Lab

SimMan® 3G

SimMan® 3G is the most advanced and lifelike patient simulator in the area. Designed for realistic healthcare training, it is capable of displaying both neurological and physiological symptoms, as well as presenting responses to various simulated drugs and procedures. The life-like patient is also capable of crying, perspiring, urinating, bleeding, winking, seizing, and even talking. Like all of our Sim-People, the SimMan® 3G has an additional voice processor that can easily reproduce a range of vocal genders and ages.



Our Obstetrics (OB) classes are enhanced by the SimMom® patient simulator. She is multifunctional in providing hands-on training through every stage of labor and delivery as well as care for a non-pregnant female patient. The SimMom®'s birth simulator features accurate and functional anatomy to advance Obstetrics training.



Pediatric care is a critical component of our program. Our simulated child represents a 6-year-old patient that allows students to gain exposure and practice with pediatric problems. The simulator exhibits a wide range of conditions from healthy to unresponsive.  



Equipped with realistic and functional anatomy, the SimBaby® allows for our students to gain confidence in the assessment, diagnostics, and treatment of infants. The SimBaby is programmed to cry, hiccup, coo, and even experience blue lips from poor air circulation. Students are able to monitor radial, brachial, and femoral pulses along with managing airways.

 sim baby final

Nursing Anne Simulator®

From a design created with input from leading nursing educators, the Nursing Anne Simulator allows our students to practice a wide range of competencies both as a skills trainer and as a highly realistic female simulator.  Learners can safely and realistically practice core nursing skills, from basic assessments and critical thinking to advanced interventions. Anne is completely wireless and battery powered so that she can be remotely controlled from a tablet PC and run complex mobile simulations just about anywhere.  sim ann final

Medication Carts

A familiar sight in any healthcare facility, these "Computers on Wheels" are used for the administration of medicines, tracking patient admissions, access to electronic medical records, and even telemedicine diagnostics. These are critical to the success of our students because of their efficiency, error-reduction, and real-time access to patients' information. The students have access to their Unbound Medicine (an app that houses: drug calculators, drug guide, medical dictionary, lab & diagnostic tests) to look up pertinent information during simulation when needed.

the medication cart and computer on wheels in the CSCIL  

Individual Patient Rooms

The patient room environment is designed to replicate an actual hospital room. Each location has working examination equipment, working air and suction, and incorporated AV equipment to allow the instructors to interact with the learner in a realistic manor. There is even a working touch screen patient monitor for the student to check patient vital signs and call up lab results and medical records. The largest of the rooms can even be easily transformed to change the use from a hospital room to a community health or home care setting.  

 A photo of an empty hospital room with a bed

Skills Lab

Designed to let the learners work independently or in a group setting, the skills lab is equipped with 9 patient beds, large LED screens and a centrally located instruction station complete with a computer, speakers and an HD wide angle camera to easily observe procedures and demonstrations.


 Skills Refinement Room

Our Skills Refinement Room (SRR) benefits students by providing a private space for developing/refining nursing skills. Some classes are even taught in the SRR, to bridge nursing lectures with clinical labs using visual aids. 


Debriefing Room

The debriefing room is a large conference room suited for 30 students to watch recorded simulations, discuss patient outcomes and share ideas about the simulation experience. Students can also reserve this quiet space for study groups.


Examination Room

This private examination room gives the student a place to practice skills and assessment in a "primary care setting." Providing a more traditional exam table and assessment tools for a complete exam.


Student Lounge

A place to study, wait for fellow student or just relax and charge your lap top, the student lounge has ample storage for (36) students to store coats or back packs while in the lab. Charging stations for smart phones and computers located all over this space. 


Nurses Station

Students and staff can use the networked computers to check their mail, look up patient information, or check for nursing tips and resources. The nurses station is a great place to start your CSCIL visit.