The Celtic Simulation Center for Innovative Learning 

The mission of Carlow University's Celtic Simulation Center for Innovative Learning (CSCIL) is to provide students culturally competent evidenced-based experiential learning through the use of various forms of simulation to promote critical thinking skills and produce compassionate, ethical leaders who are committed to the creation of a just and merciful world.

The CSCIL is an academic learning environment dedicated to using evidenced-based practices and simulation to enhance learning.

We are committed to the following.

  • Delivering learner-focused, service-oriented educational programs
  • Designing and implementing simulation education that fully incorporates state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

Inclusion of the following concepts into simulation design and implementation:

  • Assessment
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Patient Safety
  • Reflection
  • Resource Management
  • Situation Awareness/Prioritization
  • Therapeutic Interventions 

Features of the CSCIL Lab

SimMan® 3G

The SimMan® 3G is a favorite among Carlow's students as it is one of the most optimized, realistic patient simulators on the market. Designed for the most realistic training, it is capable of displaying both neurological and physiological symptoms as well as automatically recognizing drugs. Our SimMan® 3G is connected to touchscreen monitors, detailing the simulator's vital signs. The life-like patient is capable of crying, perspiring, urinating, bleeding, winking, seizing, and even talking. Like all of our Sim-People, the SimMan® 3G has a voice simulator that can easily switch among a range of genders and ages. 


"Best practices for simulation and improved patient outcomes are greatly enhanced through the simulations at the CSCIL." - Danielle Curran DNP, MSN, RN 


Our SimMom® patient simulator is multifunctional in providing hands-on training through every stage of labor and delivery as well as care for a non-pregnant female patient. The SimMom®'s birth simulator features accurate and functional anatomy to advance Obstetrics training.


Pediatric care is a critical component of our program. Our simulated child represents a 6-year-old patient that allows students to gain exposure and practice with pediatric problems. The simulator exhibits a wide range of conditions from healthy to unresponsive.
Sim Junior


Equipped with realistic and functional anatomy, the SimBaby® allows for our students to gain confidence in the assessment, diagnostics, and treatment of infants. The SimBaby is programmed to cry, hiccup, coo, and even experience blue lips from poor air circulation. Students are able to monitor radial, brachial, and femoral pulses along with manage airways.

Sim Baby

Skills Refinement Room

Our Skills Refinement Room (SRR) benefits students by providing a private space for developing/refining nursing skills. Some classes are even taught in the SRR to bridge nursing lectures with clinical labs, using visual aids. 

Skills Refinement Room

Medication Carts

Formerly referred to as "Computers on Wheels", Medication Carts are used to track patient admissions, records, and medication. These are critical to the success of our students because of their efficiency, error-reduction, and real-time access to patients' records.

 Medication Carts

Anatomage Table

Located in our Respiratory Care Lab, our anatomage table is one of the most cutting-edge technologies for anatomy education. This touch-screen system helps students to visualize and reconstruct a 3D, virtual cadaver. Learning outcomes are improved with the anatomage table's concentration in lab sections.

Carlow is proud to offer the only program that utilizes this advanced system.

 Anatomage Table