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Recognizing that we are dependent on each other for our health and well-being, Carlow University embraces the Common Good. This is rooted in our core value of the Sacredness of Creation, which espouses a deep respect for all people and all creation.

Question: Are members of the Carlow community receiving COVID-19 vaccinations?
Answer: Visit the “Screening, Testing & Vaccination” section of our website.

Question: Are students, faculty and staff still required to wear a mask while on campus?
Answer: It depends. Individuals who are fully vaccinated (two weeks or more after their final dose) are not required to wear a mask inside campus buildings or outdoors on Carlow’s campus. It is optional.

Individuals who are not fully vaccinated (two weeks or more after their final dose) are required to wear a mask while in campus buildings. However, they are not required to wear a mask when outdoors on Carlow’s campus.

Additionally, unvaccinated individuals who are participating in the learning community and campus life will be expected to follow continued restrictions (such as mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing and participation limits consistent with the CDC, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Allegheny County Health Department recommendations.

Question: What if I am unable to wear a mask due to a health condition or disability?
Answer: These individuals should ensure that they are frequently washing their hands and exercising proper social distancing. Additionally, students should notify the Disabilities Services Office, and employees should contact the Human Resources Office with this information.

Question: Are individuals required to wear masks while at the Campus Labaratory School of Carlow University?
Answer: Yes. Visit their website for details:

Question: What steps is the University taking to educate students, faculty and staff about mitigating and preventing the spread of COVID-19?
Answer: Students, faculty and staff receive regular updates on all announcements from the CDC, the state of Pennsylvania and the Allegheny County Health Department.

Question: Are there travel restrictions in place for faculty, staff and students?
Answer: Yes. Travel to most countries remains under alert by the U.S. Department of State. Consequently, all University-sponsored international study abroad and travel activities are suspended through summer 2021.

Question: Are there any types of protective measures in place on campus?
Answer: Yes. Plexiglass shields are in place in areas such as the dining halls and student hub, where transactions take place in spacing of less than six feet.

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