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See “Screening, Testing and Vaccination” for important dates and vaccine information.

Question: Are faculty and staff working on campus?
Answer: Carlow University has adopted a hybrid approach of both on campus and virtual work for our Faculty and Staff based on department and supervisor review of business needs. Employees who have been identified as essential workers, including essential contractors, continue to work on campus.

Question: Are employees required to secure a COVID-19 vaccination?
Answer: Yes, see Screening, Testing and Vaccination” for vaccination information.

Proof of Vaccine Status Survey and Weekly Testing are both required pursuant to Carlow’s policies.  Compliance with Carlow’s policies is being monitored and failure to complete Proof of Vaccine Status Survey and Weekly Testing as noted will result in further actions pursuant to Carlow’s Employee Handbook and related provisions.

Question: What are the vaccination requirements for new employees?
Answer: Moving forward, new employees will be extended conditional employment pending confirmation of their vaccination status no later than Jan. 24, 2022. Currently, new employees are requested to complete the proof of vaccination status survey and are advised of the Jan. 24, 2022 vaccine requirement.

Question: How does the University keep track of vaccination information?
Answer: To further assist us in keeping our faculty, staff and students safe, Carlow has asked the community to upload their COVID-19 vaccination information to a centralized site.

Question: What type of COVID-19 testing is available for employees?
Answer: See “Screening, Testing & Vaccination” for testing information. 

Question: Are remote employees permitted to take work assets home, such as monitors?
Answer: Yes. Just as individuals are responsible for the care of their equipment while on campus, individuals are responsible for the care of their equipment at home. Accidental damage cannot be warrantied, and in the event of damage, replacements will need to be purchased by the user’s respective department.

Question: Can employees utilize their home printers for University work?
Answer: Yes. However, IT cannot install home printer software given the security risks and administrative privileges.

Question: What is the University’s policy on masking?
Answer: Carlow University is requiring masking when inside campus buildings when COVID-19 community transmission rates are considered “high” by the CDC. That distinction can be checked by clicking here.

The Early Learning Center and Trinity Hall are excluded from this mask-optional policy. Both will continue to require mask wearing at this time for all, including student observations, families, university employees or anyone else who accesses these spaces.

Please be sure to wear a mask unless you are in an enclosed office space alone.

Question: What if a faculty or staff member is on campus and starts presenting symptoms of COVID-19 or any illness?
Answer: The impacted employee should alert his/her supervisor and go home if sick and remain home until they are free of symptoms. Faculty members will be provided with collegial coverage of their classes as necessary in consultation with their Dean/Chair. If an employee contracts COVID-19, it is requested that they report the information to Human Resources.

Carlow has created a COVID-19 Decision Matrix to help clear up confusion. View or download the decision matrix.

See Screening, Testing and Vaccination” for instructions on how to report.

Question: Is there special paid sick time and protected leave for faculty or staff who contract COVID-19?
Answer: Yes. Carlow University will provide a maximum of 80 hours of additional paid sick time if applicable, for COVID-19 situations. This includes COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test; required quarantine due to exposure or travel; and reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine. The Request for Paid COVID-19 Leave Form must be completed and submitted to the Human Resources Office.

Additionally, diagnosed faculty and staff should request Short Term Disability paperwork immediately after diagnosis. As required under the Family and Medical Leave Act, eligible employees will be provided with unpaid job-protected and benefit-protected leave, as applicable.

Question: Has the University lifted business travel restrictions for faculty and staff?
Answer: Business-related travel remains suspended until further notice.

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