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Question: Are faculty and staff working on campus?

Answer: No. All employees are working remotely until at least April 30, 2021. Only employees who have been identified as essential workers are on campus. This includes essential contractors.  

Question: Will employees be required to secure a COVID-19 vaccination prior to a return to on-campus work?  

Answer: At this time, the University is not requiring the vaccine for employees who may return to on-campus work, and we are staying abreast of the state’s phased rollout of vaccinations.

Question: Are remote employees permitted to take work assets home, such as monitors?  

Answer: Yes. Just as individuals are responsible for the care of their equipment while on campus, individuals are responsible for the care of their equipment at home. Accidental damage cannot be warrantied, and in the event of damage, replacements will need to be purchased by the user’s respective department.  

Question: Can employees use their home printers for University work?  

Answer: Yes. However, IT cannot install home printer software given the security risks and administrative privileges.  

Question: Are faculty and staff responsible for parking pass payments?

Answer: There are no faculty and staff parking fees at the present time. New employees should work with HR for issuance of a new permit. Adjunct faculty should visit Police Dispatch to complete an application. Information about Spring passes is coming soon.

Question: What type of safety precautions do I need to take, and what type of personal protection equipment (PPE) do I need to use if I am working on campus?

Answer: All employees (faculty and staff), students and visitors are required to wear masks at all times while on campus – unless the employee or student is alone in an office or dormitory room.

Question: Are employees screened upon arrival at the campus?

Answer: No. The University has shifted to a self-screen model. Visit the “Screening Schedules” box on our website for information.  

Question: What if a faculty or staff member is on campus and starts presenting with a low-grade fever or other COVID-19 related symptom?

Answer: The impacted employee should alert his/her supervisor and go home if sick. They are requested to contact their physician and Human Resources on their status. Faculty members will be provided with collegial coverage of their classes as necessary in consultation with their Dean/ Chair.

Question: Is there special paid sick time and protected leave for faculty or staff who contract COVID-19?

Answer: Yes. Carlow University will allow up to 80 hours of additional paid time off if faculty or staff contracts COVID-19. The Request for Paid COVID-19 Leave Form must be completed and submitted to the Human Resources Office.

Additionally, diagnosed faculty and staff should request Short Term Disability paperwork immediately after diagnosis. As required under the Family and Medical Leave Act, eligible employees will be provided with unpaid job-protected and benefit-protected leave, as applicable.

Question: Has the University lifted travel restrictions for faculty and staff?

Answer: Business-related travel has been suspended until further notice. Individuals who personally travel or plan to travel to high risk COVID-19 areas should notify the Human Resources Department.

Question: Are there guidelines for employees’ personal travel?

Answer: Per the Governor’s orders, if employees visit another state, they are required to acquire and receive a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of re-entering the commonwealth. If employees chose not to test, they are required to quarantine for 14 days. 

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