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Question: How are courses being offered?
Answer: Carlow University has returned to on-campus courses, similar to previous fall semesters. It is important to note that three delivery methods are offered. This includes on-campus, which can be a combination of campus and off-site locations for clinical rotations or student teaching. A hybrid approach that utilizes a combination of on-campus classes and online meetings will be available. Finally, an exclusively online approach with no face-to-face deliveries is an option. All classes have live instructors.

Question: How can I find out how classes are being delivered?
Answer: Please visit Self Service Student Planning to review your upcoming semester schedule. The course modality will be listed with each course. For example, Onsite means the course is in person. Online means the course is delivered online. If you have any questions about how the course is being delivered, or you would like additional details, please contact the course instructor.

Question: Do professors still have office hours?
Answer: Yes. Please work with your advisor and/or professor to determine if meetings will be held in-person or virtually. 

Question: How are classrooms being managed?
Answer: Classroom scheduling has returned to pre-pandemic levels. Carlow University is ensuring that cleaning and disinfecting supplies are available in each classroom. Additionally, Facilities continues to regularly clean the classrooms to ensure a safe and hygienic environment.

Question: As a parent, I’m not comfortable with my child attending on-campus classes. What are our options?
Answer: Students can make schedule choices based upon the modality of the course being offered, and all modalities are listed in Self Service. For assistance with schedule adjustments, the student can reach out to their academic advisor. Please note that not all classes may be available in an online format.

Question: How will the University communicate with students and parents about changes in the academic calendar?
Answer: Any changes will be communicated via the Carlow University website, and email.

Question: If I am online, or am taking all classes remotely, what is the University policy on being vaccinated?
Answer: If you are taking all classes remotely throughout your Carlow education and you will not take part in any on-campus activity, you are not required to be vaccinated or test weekly. If you are doing an internship, the rules of the internship site will apply. 

Question: Can students decide to switch from in-person classes to online courses? 
Answer: An online option may not be available for all courses and is specific to each student’s program of study.  Schedule choices may be made based upon the modality of the course being offered. All modalities are listed self-service. For more specific information, it is recommended that students contact their advisor or program director for assistance. 

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