Updates on acquiring masks, PPE, signage, parking permits

University Communications to Faculty and Staff
Distributed: 08/27/2020
Posted: 08/31/2020

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Students, athletes and limited faculty and staff have arrived on campus as we embrace the first week of the academic year. We continue to support your health and well-being and strive to provide you with the relevant information you need for safe re-entry.

Below are a few brief updates to support you:

The Common Good
Watch an upbeat reminder from our students about supporting the common good

Carlow University is providing two reusable face masks to all employees (a plain mask and a Carlow logo mask.) If you come on campus, visit Police Dispatch on the third floor of Frances Warde Hall to receive them. Dispatch is also assisting individuals who have been designated to receive a face shield.

Requesting PPE (personal protection equipment and cleaning supplies)
Facilities is working with Procurement to streamline the process of requesting PPE through Carlow Market. Until that process is finalized, continue to submit a Help ticket  or call 412-578-8700 to request supplies via Facilities.

Requesting signage
Facilities has an inventory of general signage on site (e.g., maintain social distancing, wear a mask, restroom guidance, have you been screened, etc.) Please submit a Help ticket or call 412-578-8700 to request general signage. If you need custom signage, submit your request to Marketing and Communications. Facilities will deliver and install all signage to ensure that University property is preserved.

Faculty and staff who have parking permits can continue to use their tags through the fall semester, and the fee is waived. Faculty and staff who do not have a parking permit, and are deemed essential staff on campus, should first seek their manager/supervisor’s approval before contacting Police Dispatch to request a permit for the fall semester. New employees should work with Human Resources for issuance of a new permit. Adjunct faculty who need a parking pass should visit Police Dispatch to complete an application.

Please continue to encourage your students to frequently check the Q&As on our website , visit our social media channels, and regularly read their weekly email communications. Important information is regularly being updated.

Stay healthy and be safe.


The COVID-19 Re-Entry and Resiliency Implementation Team