Students encouraged to utilize CDLI for digital learning environment

University Communication to Students
Distributed: 08/19/2020
Posted: 08/21/2020

Dear Students,


Given the pandemic environment, being effectively connected to the digital learning environment is more important than ever before. As we have shared throughout the spring and summer, the University is providing resources to best position students for success.

The Center for Digital Learning and Innovation (CDLI) has provided a Celtic Online Student Tool kit noting the important materials and steps. Please take a moment to review these resources and to assess your personal readiness. For many classes, students will be most successful having access to a desktop or laptop computer, with microphone and camera, and a strong reliable internet connection. Please do not rely solely on your phone for video and audio access.

As important, if you find yourself with limitations, please submit a report and let the Care team know about your needs, questions, or concerns. We are committed to being in contact with you to help you problem-solve the issues so that you have to full access when classes begin.

Thank you for your attention to these important learning preparations. Please know the Carlow University community is committed to supporting your success.


Timothy P. Phillips, PhD
Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students