Students asked to honor common good pledge, receive parking pass details

University Communication to Students
Distributed: 08/17/2020
Posted: 08/21/2020

Dear Students,

As noted last week, I will push a separate communication each day this week to provide the information you need in manageable amounts. For today, please be mindful of the following:

Parking Pass Access Information
Parking passes are available for purchase at a flat rate of $85 for all students. Students can acquire a pass in one of three ways:
  • Through the Student Hub: accepts credit/debit cards, e-check, check, Carlow Cash, no cash. The Hub is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • By visiting Police Dispatch: accepts check only
  • By securing one through Carlow’s website: credit/debit cards online
Carlow Student Town Hall
University personnel will be present virtually on Wednesday, August 19, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. to answer questions that may be on your minds about returning to campus and classes. Please join us as your time allows.

Commitment to the Common Good
During a Presidential Update program today, faculty and staff ceremonially signed our individual and collective Commitment to the Common Good. While students will have opportunities in a variety of formats to sign this document, all are encouraged to print a copy of the Common Good (Appendix A, Re-entry and Resiliency Plan) and to sign the document. Doing so demonstrates your commitment to wearing a mask, social distancing, using effective hygiene, and cleaning spaces used on campus.

Campus Screening
As noted in a separate communication today, campus screening has begun on campus. Per the Carlow University Re-entry and Resiliency Plan, all individuals living on or coming to campus will be asked to participate in daily screening. Please review the detailed communication today.

Later this week, you can expect to receive information in communications this week on the Covid-19 Policy, being technically ready to engage in a remote learning environment, details on when on-ground offices will be open physically, and more. We remain excited to begin a new academic year and look forward to working with you to ensure your success.


Timothy P. Phillips, Ph.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students