Dean to students: Attending large social gatherings this fall will present risk to University

University Communication to Students
Distributed: 08/06/2020
Posted: 08/10/2020

Dear Students,    

Activity is beginning to pick up on campus as we enthusiastically prepare for re-entry, new student arrival and the beginning of fall classes. Campus is ready for use, as depicted in this new video of the University . Our hope is that you remain safe and are following best practice guidelines to remain healthy.     

When you return to campus, you can expect to be screened daily. There will be three locations identified by signage on campus: the AJ Palumbo Building, the fifth floor of the University Commons, and Frances Warde Hall. However, we also ask that everyone  self-screen daily  to assist in our efforts. This includes monitoring your temperature to ensure that it is under 100.4 and reviewing the screening questions which we will provide as we move closer to opening.   

On campus, we expect all Carlow University community members to  make a Commitment to the Common Good , which includes wearing a mask, hand washing, social distancing and cleaning surfaces after use. To be clear, these expectations will be required to enter campus. In this way we will care for ourselves and each other.     

Prior to returning to campus, we do ask that all students who will be living in the residence halls or attending in-person classes self-quarantine and limit movement to minimize risk for exposure. We understand this can be challenging given your busy lives, and we leave this to your judgment. However,  attending large social gatherings, with or without masks and social distancing, should not be occurring . The risk is too great. Please know each of us presents risk to ourselves and others as we move about, and we are all working diligently to mitigate virus spread.    

We are also asking that every member of the Carlow community  complete video training  prior to returning to campus. You soon will receive information in a separate communication about instructional videos. Note that we will work individually with the students who are arriving early on campus this month to participate in this training.      

Course instructors are anxious to start classes with you on August 24. This fall, 70% of our classes will be offered virtually, and 30% will be offered in a hybrid and face-to-face format. Any concerns about schedules should be directed to your academic advisor.    

As you return, you can expect the Student Services offices, the HUB, health services, campus dining, athletics, clubs and student organizations, and academic and disabilities support to be fully functional, though we will be staggering office hours and personnel to comply with Allegheny County Health Department protocols. Look for details to be communicated soon and continue to  visit the Carlow website for updates.

We have seen the impacts to schools and agencies that do not follow CDC guidelines; the result is a rapid increase of positive COVID-19 cases. Now more than ever, we are mutually bound with the responsibility of keeping our community safe. My call to you is to join our Commitment to the Common Good.     

In gratitude,     

Timothy P. Phillips PhD
Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students