Subgroups formed to implement re-entry plan for University

University Communications to Faculty and Staff
Distributed: 07/10/2020
Posted: 07/13/2020

Dear Carlow University Community,

We continue to stay abreast of the daily developments announced through Governor Wolf’s office, the Allegheny County Health Department, the Department of Health and Mayor Peduto’s Office. Abiding by CDC guidelines, we also continue to plan for our students’ fall return to campus.

Eight subgroups of the COVID-19 Re-Entry and Resiliency Implementation Management Team (RRIMT) have been established and deployed. Over the next several weeks, the subgroups will be actively working on implementing the many facets of the University’s re-entry plan as outlined below.

The mission of the RRIMT subgroups is to operationalize, identify and implement Carlow’s Re-Entry and Resiliency Plan policies, procedures, processes, training and communication tools for a safe and positive reopening, re-entry and sustainable resiliency for the entire Carlow Community. The subgroups, their leadership and functions are noted below:

  • Campus Events and Visitors Entry Plans and Protocols - Leads: Joel Mullner & Laurie Petty
  • Employee Work Schedules and Protocols for Re-entry - Lead: Bridgette Cofield
  • Reasonable Accommodations and Travel Protocols for Employees/Students - Leads: Jackie Smith & Melanie Byrom
  • Safety, PPE Equipment, and Dining Services - Leads: Corrin Culhane, Michael Kistler & Kristy Weiss
  • Campus Screening Re-entry & Protocols - Leads: Janice Nash & Angela Harrington
  • Classroom Management / Technology Capabilities, Capacity, and Cleaning Protocols - Leads: Greg Dumont & Jason Krall
  • Communications & Signage Updates - Leads: Beth Fazzini & Bridgette Cofield
  • Re-entry Training & Learning Updates - Leads: Bret Stiffler & Amber Tepper

Together with the entire Carlow community, our Re-Entry & Resiliency Plan subgroups will work to safely reopen campus though implementing new entry processes for entering campus buildings, incorporating required temperature screenings, establishing mask wearing and physical distancing guidelines, and executing signage deployment and virtual training rollout for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Please reach out to Bridgette Cofield if you have any questions or would like to serve on one of the RRIMT subgroups.

We wish you a safe, enjoyable weekend.


The COVID-19 Re-Entry and Resiliency Implementation Team