Guided by University plan, campus opening in fall will ensure safety

From the Office of the President to Students
Distributed: 06/25/2020
Posted: 06/26/2020

Dear Carlow University,

We have been working diligently for several months to develop a comprehensive plan to assure your education at Carlow continues smoothly during in the year ahead. Our goal is two-fold, the safety and well-being of our students, and providing the high quality education Carlow is known for.

Our campus will be re-opening for the Fall semester. This will include our full campus - classrooms, residence halls, dining facilities and offices. Athletics will be guided by the NAIA Conference.

Classes will be taught in highly flexible, multi-modal formats. This will include classroom, online, and hybrid (a combination of classroom and online) formats. We will incorporate innovative teaching methodologies and technology to support learning. Should we need to shift to fully online teaching, we will be able to do that if the need should arise. An adaptable and dynamic plan has been developed to deliver the high-quality education you expect and the support services you need to be successful.

Our re-opening will include full implementation of the Governor’s Re-Opening and Recovery Plan Guidance for Higher Education , issued on June 5, to all Pennsylvania universities. Guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Allegheny Health Department will also be followed. These guidelines will be embedded in everything we do to assure we are providing a safe, healthy campus. Campus life will look different with measures in place to mitigate and contain the virus on campus. This will include required mask wearing, temperature taking, social distancing practices, rigorous personal hygiene, as well as risk identification, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine as needed. The campus will be cleaned and sanitized frequently and other changes implemented to assure the safest possible environment for all.

While the virus continues, the well-being of our community members will be a “team sport”. As in all things, we are guided by our Catholic Mercy values that call us to the service and care of one another. This is inherent in who we are as a community. As such, everyone on campus, including visitors, will follow the same guidelines, recommended by the CDC, for the common good of all. When the fall semester begins, we will ask every member of our community to take the Common Good Pledge, a community-wide campaign to respect the guidance from the CDC as a sign of our care for one another.

An important ingredient in our plan is flexibility. We are well prepared to re-open in the fall, but we are also well prepared to respond to new guidance from the state authorities and CDC should the need arise. While Western Pennsylvania has been relatively fortunate in Covid19 spread, our continued diligence will be necessary. We've named our plan the Re-Entry & Resiliency Plan , because we’ve demonstrated this past many months that we are a strong resilient community. It is available now on our website.

In the near future, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Dr. Tim Phillips, will communicate additional details. We will keep you regularly updated as new information is available through weekly communication from his office. Our plan will be posted on our website and updated as needed.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to campus and to the community life that is the heart and soul of the Carlow University. I thank you for choosing Carlow for your education, and I invite you to share this email and our Re-Entry & Resiliency Plan with your parents, friends or loved ones. And I ask for your continued patience and cooperation as we work together to adapt to the changes we need to make. We are strongest when we work together. Together We Can Do This!

Suzanne K. Mellon, PhD