University working with CDC guidelines, health officials in creation of campus reopening plan

University Communication to Faculty and Staff
Distributed: 06/12/2020
Posted: 06/26/2020
Dear Carlow University Faculty and Staff,

As noted in our June 5 email, faculty and staff will continue to work remotely as a phased re-entry and return-to-work-plan is finalized. The University will provide employees with at least two-weeks’ notice prior to implementing a phased return to campus.

Our Campus Reopening Plan draft will be ready next week and will address these following areas:
  • How we will coordinate with local public health officials following CDC guidelines
  • How we will safely resume in-person instruction
  • How we will monitor the health our campus community
  • How we will mitigate and contain the spread of the virus on campus, and to inform the Department of Health in the event that transmission occurs at the institution
  • How we will communicate accurate and timely information to students, faculty, staff, and the communities it serves, and
  • How we will ensure it meets public health and safety measures that reinforces practices related to hygiene, sanitation, and face coverings on campus 
As we move to re-engage and re-enter, we are committed to the “Common Good” for the entire Carlow community. Employees and students will be required to complete video training on how to best mitigate and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The training video will include considerations regarding making decisions when and how often to come to campus, preparations suggested to minimize the probability of passing or contracting the virus, and proper protocols for safeguarding the overall community.

All will be asked to adopt the outlined recommendations into their daily routine. Once completed, all will be asked to sign a “Commitment to Common Good” statement, agreeing to honor the Carlow University Catholic Mercy values and dignity and worth of all community members.

Together We Can Do This!

The COVID-19 Response Team