Students affected by COVID-19 can still apply for emergency assistance

University Communication to Students
Distributed: 05/21/2020
Posted: 05/21/2020

Dear Students,

We are taking all necessary steps to ensure that safety protocols are in place for both the summer and fall semesters, and we remain committed to keeping you regularly informed about all rapidly unfolding decisions at the University. Below are a few brief updates.  

Student Survey

Thank you for your generous response to the recent faculty survey. This information will help us to improve upon your online student experience. After the information is compiled, the data will be shared with you via the Provost’s office.  

Student Assistance Still Available

If you’ve been financially impacted by COVID-19, we encourage you to link into the Student Application for Emergency Assistance. The application takes only a few minutes to complete.

For technical/computer specification issues, please refer to the website

Summer Tutoring Available

The CAA is tutoring for summer courses via live online sessions or through email for writing. Academic coaches are available for appointments. Schedule online.

We will continue to provide you with succinct weekly updates, and we encourage you to read emails and visit our website and social media platforms over the summer months. Things are changing rapidly.  

Stay healthy and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


The COVID-19 Rapid Response Team