President Mellon lauds the university’s living out its mission and values during COVID-19

From the Office of the President
Distributed: 03/23/2020
Posted: 03/23/2020

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As we begin the first week of the total virtual online course delivery to our students, I want to acknowledge your extraordinary embracing of moving in this new direction for the continuity of learning for our students and for the University’s continuing to fulfill its mission while protecting community health. Thank you for all your efforts and commitment.

I have been hearing of the stories happening across all the colleges with the Deans and Provost sharing the innovative and creativity present across multiple disciplines. I also am hearing of the tremendous support and efforts from across all areas of the University, from IT, CDLI, student life support services, residential life, housekeeping, facilities, business continuity, public safety, etc. We are also planning to set up an emergency student fund that will go out to all alumni to engage them in this unprecedented time. I have heard so many examples that I am indeed humbled and gratified to see the mission and values of this university in action, as well as reaching out to others outside our community.

You will be receiving more communications and updates Wednesday, that both address issues that are being resolved as well as sharing some of the stories that are coming out from our community.

Thank you all for being part of this collective and important community response to the global pandemic.


Suzanne K. Mellon, Ph.D.