Mercy Leaders Reflection: Western Coast

Throughout the past week, we’ve ventured from the eastern coasts of Ireland to the western coasts, stopping at a few places along the way. Experiencing so much along the way, … Continued

Mercy Leaders Reflection: St. Brigid

Today we traveled from Naas, where we spent the night, to Kildare. Kildare was a very cute, small town with lots of flowers. The weather was perfect, cool and sunny, … Continued

Mercy Leaders Reflection: Island Life

The Mercy Leaders take a boat trip to visit one of the Aran Islands. As I’m sure everyone has said, Ireland is breathtaking. The pictures that each of us has … Continued

Mercy Leaders Reflection: Finding Glory

A few months back, we watched the movie The Way. We reflected upon how during pilgrimage it is important to allow yourself to be worked on and allow others to … Continued
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